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“Former Pentecostal Church, Klump Ave, North Hollywood” by Douglas Hill

As a photographer I spend a good deal of my time prowling my environment in the hopes of being surprised.

“Untitled” by Stephanie Duprie Routh

In December last year, I had the good fortune of traveling to Mexico for a photography workshop. The workshop was

“Untitled” by Adrian Hill

I began taking photographs over forty years ago. From the very beginning I was enthralled and captivated by the photographic

“Transcendence. Triptych Top Panel” by Colin Charles Harris

As I was making The Fragments of the Natural World book, encompassing many of my most favorite film images, I

“Breathe!” by Bob James

This is another one of my many “found” pictures I take as I prowl the streets on foot or in

“The Power Station” by Jon Higham

I love wondering around with my camera. There is a large power station in the countryside surrounded by woods a

“Space Age Lost” by Toni Peach

I love wondering around with my camera. As a travel and street photographer I venture extensively to the major cities

“Between Space” by Brawi Santoso

I love wondering around with my camera. This photo is from my recent series of urban photography of everyday buildings

“Life of the Land – the Birth of New Land” by Leslie Gleim

On May 3, 2018, fissures began opening along Kilauea Volcano’s East Rift Zone in Hawai’i resulting in its largest eruption

“Untitled” by Malin Ellisdotter

This self portrait is from September 27th 2020, taken at home with iPhone 7 and self timer. This self portrait

“Great Gathering” by Gilles A. Marchal

This picture was taken near Arles (France) in the late afternoon of a beautiful and hot day at the end

“Dark Side” by Alessio Cavallaro

Photographs, like words, are associative agents of memory, time and place. A few nights before the massive explosion in Beirut

“Towering Agapantha” from the Summer Garden Series by Lyndall Gerlach

I have a delight in wandering in the environment where ever I am, looking and touching, admiring textures and patterns,

“Still Life in the Plague Times” by John Hoey

The story is a simple one, really. Necessity, it is said, is the mother of invention. This image was made

“Mother And Child” by Ilia Mark Starkovsky

In 1970, in my early twenties I was travelling South Africa to visit this beautiful country, its animal life, and