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“Towering Agapantha” from the Summer Garden Series by Lyndall Gerlach

I have a delight in wandering in the environment where ever I am, looking and touching, admiring textures and patterns,

“Still Life in the Plague Times” by John Hoey

The story is a simple one, really. Necessity, it is said, is the mother of invention. This image was made

“Mother And Child” by Ilia Mark Starkovsky

In 1970, in my early twenties I was travelling South Africa to visit this beautiful country, its animal life, and

“Morning in Bagan” by Bharat Patel

This image was taken while staying in Bagan, Myanmar for a few days of photography among the numerous temples and

“Untitled” by JiÀhn Charlotte

This image was taken in 2013, very early in my photography journey. I don’t hold the view that your early

“Egret” by Pauline Fowler

Over the last few years photographing birds has become my greatest pleasure, and among all of the birds I like

“Lockdown Scenario” by Santanu Dey

Humans have evolved to be social creatures. They are wired to live in interactive groups. Being isolated from family, friends

“Blue Surf” by Stuart Graham

I am fortunate enough to live 200 metres from the sea. Thanks to the UK’s changeable weather and a 4-5

“Dahlia Abstract” by Colleen Parker

If not for the COVID-19 pandemic, this image would not have happened. During the lockdown, all our travel plans were

“Blue Eyes” by Jeff Henningsgaard

This photo was taken 10 years ago when I was fairly new to photography. I love animals and would go

“Le Champ de Blé” by Normand Métivier

I like getting up early in the morning to take pictures in the city and around the countryside. The early

The “Someday” Project by Desiree Day

For many, many years, this circa 1970 VW pop-top camper van has been sitting in the yard. In 1985, my

“Dear Cow” by Joan Tomás

I go trekking all the time in a valley in Pyrenees called Val d’Aran. Just in the frontier with France.

“Untitled” by Laurie France

After over twenty years working in finance I was blessed with having my position eliminated with a full year of

“Colossus” by Mark Benham

While working on a book about Portugal a number of years ago, a Portuguese photographer friend showed me an image