“Mom” by Jindřich Beneš

For the past few years, I’ve been driving to visit my parents every Sunday. There I met their life story.

Wonderful, Necessary and Smart – Review of “Chris Killip” by Ken Grant and Tracy Marchall-Grant

Every now and then, a photobook comes along which is extraordinary in every possible way.  Not only are the images

FRAMES Digital Companion – May 2023

We have just released the newest edition of FRAMES Digital Companion and those of you subscribed to FRAMES Magazine can

LOOK CLOSER: “Mountains: An Endless Obsession” – by Rob Wilson

I love mountains. There are few times when I am as happy as when I am walking in a Himalayan

THE FEMALE GAZE: “#GirlGaze: On The Unique Vision of Female Photographers”, by Diana Nicholette Jeon

I’m doing something different from my typical interview feature today. I experienced a few tough months from a workload and

“The Journey” by Charles Edward Ashton

Since I visited India as a student in 1979, I have been fascinated with the country and its people. The

Isolation and Discovery – Review of “DD/MM/YYYY” by Kostis Argyriadis

In the very back of Kostis Argyriadis’s new book, DD/MM/YYYY, he writes: DD/MM/YYYY is a series of personal photographic explorations

FRAMES Photography Podcast with Peter Wantula

On today’s episode of the FRAMES Photography Podcast, W. Scott Olsen is talking to Peter Wantula, photographer from the Washington

THE ANALOG REVOLUTION: “Is the Answer in the Process?”, by Stephen Smith

“Why do you photograph with film?” “Digital photography is so much easier and cheaper, isn’t it?” “What could you possibly

Inside and Out – Review of “Between Worlds” by Harry Gruyaert

Magnum photographer Harry Gruyaert’s work has always been thrilling in the way it articulates a particular way of seeing. He has

FRAMES Photography Podcast with Jeffery Becton

On today’s episode of the FRAMES Photography Podcast, W. Scott Olsen is talking to Jeffery Becton, one of the pioneers

“Untitled” by Jay Tanen

In 2013, together with my girlfriend we traveled to South Africa to visit her daughter who was doing a semester

FRAMES Photography Podcast with Elena Dudar

On today’s episode of the FRAMES Photography Podcast, W. Scott Olsen is talking to Elena Dudar, portrait photographer from Ukraine.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: “Passages: Photo Montages by Jeffery Becton”, by Chris Crosman

The late, beloved American painter, Andrew Wyeth (1917 – 2006), once mused about his most famous work, Christina’s World (1948,

The Thrill of a Quiet Evening – Review of “Voice of the Eyes: Creative Minds in Landscape Photography”, curated by René Algesheimer

I often wish I could talk to photographers. I have the good fortune to interview a great many of them,

FRAMES Artist-in-Residence: W. Scott Olsen

W. Scott Olsen is the next FRAMES Artist-in-Residence and today we are releasing the first instalment of his series, where