Continuously Variable Physical Quality – Review of “Analog Iran” by Ali MC

One of the things I find most interesting about photography is its ability to capture and hold and sustain nuance.

THE FEMALE GAZE: “Alexandra DeFurio: Trusting the Process”, by Diana Nicholette Jeon

Alexandra DeFurio is a Los Angeles-based commercial and fine art photographer. Her work is inspired by feminine, home, and architectural

FRAMES Photography Podcast with Christina Force

On today’s episode, W. Scott Olsen talks to Christina Force, founder and chairperson of CA+ Asia and of the NZ Agents and

FRAMES Digital Companion – February 2024

We have just released the newest edition of FRAMES Digital Companion, and those who subscribe to FRAMES Magazine can now

“Lamp” by Timothy Mahoney

This photo is really a continuation of my exercise during COVID lockdown days when we were all going crazy trying

“Right On Target” by Davide China

My Right on Target image is one of spontaneous inspiration. It was unexpected. I did not have my go-to-camera with

Cours Entier – Review of “Riverscape” by Kristel Schneider

Books of landscape photography are, almost without exception, beautiful. Sometimes, the books are beautiful in the classical sense – leafy

“Keeping Watch” by Greig Clifford

It was a cold but bright October morning when I visited the Dungeness A and B nuclear power stations, the

FRAMES Photography Podcast with Drake White

On today’s episode, W. Scott Olsen talks to Drake White, a portrait photographer and gallerist from Georgia, US. You can listen to

The Particular Universal – Review of “Pickup” by Lee Friedlander

This is going to be a brief review of a book I adore. I have on my desk Pickup by

“Friends Catching Up in a Cafe” by Caroline Preece

The day I took this image was a lesson in opening my eyes and looking at the familiar in a

FRAMES Magazine – Volume 14

We have just published the 14th printed edition of FRAMES. It will be sent to our subscribers in just a

FRAMES Photography Podcast with Scott Bentley

On today’s episode, W. Scott Olsen talks to Scott Bentley, a photographer and writer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. You

“Embrace” by Maja Strgar Kurečić

This photograph is from my series Floating Garden. The story begins with a single rose. The rose my daughter received

“Winter Rain” by Preston Bolton

On an extremely cold winter day in Tokyo, Japan, when rain was pouring down and the wind was really strong,

Seeing Toward Understanding – Review of “North Korea: The People’s Paradise” by Tariq Zaidi

Photography books often promise a view of something hidden or mysterious. Especially those photography books that take on a documentarian