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FOOD FOR THOUGHT: “Perfect Patagonia”, by Ruth Grindrod

In April 2024, I was exceptionally privileged to be able to visit the Torres del Paine National Park in Chile.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: “My Father’s Camera”, by Sean Patrick Hill

In December of 2023, I boxed my father’s camera – a Pentax K1000, its manufacture dated, I believe, to about

I Portray My Emotions and Feelings – Conversation with Rala Choi

FRAMES will be presenting photographs by Korean artist Rala Choi at the upcoming edition of the Photo Basel photography fair.

“The Journey of a Lifetime: How Persistence Shaped My Photography Career”, by John Ferguson

As a professional photographer for over thirty years, I assert that persistence is one of the keys to anyone’s success,

“Simplicity and Practice in the Photo Printing Process”, by Attila Szántó

Watching Mark Seagal’s FRAMES Photography Circle presentation on the process of photo printing was a delightfully intricate and comprehensive experience,

“Since childhood, I remember myself wanting to stand out”, by Kostis Argiriadis

Why am I taking pictures? Since there is nothing left to be said or seen. Why am I bothered since

“Making an Impression: Réhahn”, by Graeme Green

In April 1874, the first Impressionist exhibition opened in Paris, featuring Monet’s Impression, Sunrise, and work from Renoir, Degas, and

2024 World Press Photo global winners announced

Stories about wars in Gaza and Ukraine, migration, family, and dementia top the 2024 World Press Photo Contest. Together, these

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: “Bercy – 12° Arrondissement Paris – The place where talent and effort coexist”, by Silvia Ionna

The motto “ Success is 10 % inspiration and 90% perspiration”, attributed to inventor Thomas Edison, could be the ideal

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: “My Heritage in Photographs”, by Sean Patrick Hill

I have two photographs of my great-grandmother, both cabinet cards, a form ubiquitous in the late nineteenth and early twentieth

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: “Jean-Michel Lenoir”, by David Mark

Dawn rises over misty mountaintops, and peaks surge through cloudbanks. Trees materialize like sentinels, sketched with delicate, minimalist brushstrokes. Rocks

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: “See what’s there. Feel what isn’t”, by Lynn Smith

I’ll start with the bad news. But please bear with me… it does get better. In 1897 Mark Twain the

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: “AI and the Happiness of Photography”, by Sean Patrick Hill

By now, photographers worldwide are versed in the arguments for and against using artificial intelligence, AI, in terms of image

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: “Meaning in Photography”, by Sean Patrick Hill

About three years after my father died of cancer, I took his camera down from the closet, the Pentax K1000

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: “Passages: Photo Montages by Jeffery Becton”, by Chris Crosman

The late, beloved American painter, Andrew Wyeth (1917 – 2006), once mused about his most famous work, Christina’s World (1948,