Category: Food For Thought

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: “Passages: Photo Montages by Jeffery Becton”, by Chris Crosman

The late, beloved American painter, Andrew Wyeth (1917 – 2006), once mused about his most famous work, Christina’s World (1948,

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: “One Shot – Start to Finish”, by W. Scott Olsen

Every image has a history. It begins as an idea, either a long-preconceived aesthetic statement, or the rush of serendipity and

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: “The Wonders of Stereoscopy and the ‘2000 Miles Project'”, by Tom Warland

“Your right eye will always see a slightly different version of the truth to your left eye” Dr. BRIAN MAY

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: “Aliens in the Living Room”, by Steve Berry

Hi I’m Steve aka RobotWig, I’m a creative photographer with a keen interest in Pop Culture. Photography hasn’t always been

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: “Immediate Feedback”, by Cody Schultz

In the fall of 2021, my love for large format photography began to wane. After just over two years of

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: “Old School New”, by W. Scott Olsen

The discovery was a surprise. I was rummaging around the detritus in the bottom of an old camera bag, various

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: A Child’s View: The Art of Discovery, by Gina Williams

My granddaughter, barefoot, leggings pulled up to her knees, walks along the river beach. An osprey flies overhead with something

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Cocoons and COVID, by E.E. McCollum

Almost ten years ago, I began making a series of images using a nylon body stocking to encase nude models.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: 365 Project, by Alon Goldsmith

From January 1st to December 31st of 2021, I immersed myself in a 365 project. The goal was simple. Make

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: A Case for Abstraction in Representational Photography – by Frank Styburski

If you think you know what you are looking at, you are probably mistaken. We have no idea how many