“Circulo Collective – Celebrating Shared Humanity”, by Rudransh Nagi

The Circulo Collective is a photography collective of five photographers from different continents and countries: India, Iran, Slovakia, Tanzania, and Brazil. It is a global collective that tells stories and showcases the stories and beauty of humanity and our being as one. 

Their mission is to create a global community of photographers united by our passion for visual storytelling and cultural exchange. Through their diverse backgrounds spanning Africa, the Middle East, South America, Asia, and Eastern Europe, they aim to leverage their collective networks and expertise to promote, exhibit, and collaborate on projects that transcend borders and boundaries.

By fostering an environment of mutual respect and appreciation for each other’s cultures and working styles, members of the Circulo Collective seek to showcase the richness and diversity of the human experience. Their combined experiences and perspectives offer a unique lens to explore and understand the world around us, allowing them to address global issues with empathy and insight.

In a world marked by division and discord, they believe in the power of photography to bridge divides and celebrate our shared humanity. By coming together as a collective, they demonstrate the strength of diversity and the transformative potential of collaboration. They are united in their differences, using their art to illuminate the universal truths that connect us all.


1) Rudransh Nagi – India – Founder/Photographer

© Rudransh Nagi
© Rudransh Nagi

The founder of Circulo Collective. An accidental photographer born in New Delhi, India, in 1990. After attaining political science and sociological degrees, he went to Paris, where he studied photography at Spéos. Then, he attended his two years of MFA in Photography in Florence, Italy (2019-2021). His goal is to use the photographic documentary language to witness and create a record of sociologically and anthropologically relevant situations.

He is also the founder of SNRN Photo which is a Mumbai and Delhi-based for commercial work. Under this, he shoots Fashion editorials, Portraits, and Architecture. He has been published in several magazines for his editorial work like INFRAME magazine, Selin, Appointment, The Vigour, The Hollyway, Quadro, and La Dolce Spain. He will be published in the upcoming issues of Vanguard, and Beneath Your Beautiful. Several of these magazines include front covers and personal interviews.

He was a guest on the FRAMES Photography Podcast, and in June 2023, he will have another upcoming podcast with the Nerdy Photographer Podcast, Casey Fatchett. He was also a judge for a photography competition in April 2023 for the Political Science department of Delhi College of Arts and Commerce. In August, he will be exhibiting his work ‘Dov’é La Casa Mia (Where My Home Is)’ in Delhi at the Lokayata Art Gallery with the organizers Luna Arts.

2) Petra Basnáková – Slovakia – Photographer

Petra Basnáková – A boy from Khan Al-Ahmar
Petra Basnáková – Intisar and her children

Czech-Slovak-based Petra Bašnáková, born in 1997 in Bratislavatrained at the Tomas Bata University in Zlin. During her studies, she completed an internship at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem, where she began working on her project about the Palestinian Bedouins. This series has won several awards, including Slovak Press Photo, Sony World Awards, and Ian Parry scholarship.

Her work has been shown in many galleries and festivals, including Photo London and Photo Israel in Tel Aviv. She is currently preparing a solo exhibition at the Leica Gallery and the Josef Sudek Studio in Prague. Her photographs of Bedouins have been published in FOTO magazine, Der Spiegel, The Guardian, and Le Monde. In 2023, she became a member of ‘Women Photograph’.

3) Thiago Dos Reis – Brazil – Photographer/Audio Visualizer/Music Producer

© Thiago dos Reis
© Thiago dos Reis

Thiago dos Reis is a Brazilian photographer, audiovisual artist, and music producer born in São Paulo.  In his photography, Thiago experiments with nuances of minimalism to bring a contrast to his belonging as a citizen of a bustling and populous metropolis. 

Had his work exhibited on the wall of the Museum of Image and Sound (MIS) in São Paulo, a place known in Brazil and around the world for hosting huge photography and art exhibitions, as well as immersive exhibitions of icons such as Stanley Kubrick, David Bowie, Truffaut, and Tina Turner. Thiago had his minimalist work entitled “Chapéu” on the wall of the MIS for two months during the “Mobgraphia Photo Festival” and was a finalist in the Art Category. “Coragem: Tardes, Passos e Canções” is the title of his new release and photo collection.

4) Sara Goli – Iran – Photographer 

© Sara Goli
© Sara Goli

A renowned minimalist photographer, Sarah Gholi, was born in 1989 in Tehran, Iran. She is an internationally acclaimed minimalist photographer with a remarkable collection of awards and honors that attest to her exceptional talent and vision. She has garnered numerous accolades in prestigious competitions such as Xposure, Minimalist Photography Awards, Sienna Awards, Architectural Master Prize, Fine Art Photography, Monovision Awards, Sony World Photography Awards, and many more. Sarah’s accomplishments extend beyond photography competitions, as she has also authored three articles and two interviews in renowned publications like Articulate Magazine and Soul of Street. Her captivating images have graced the pages of over ten international magazines, including Lens, Magazine, Mass Magazine, and Shades of Gray. 

Sarah’s minimalist photography style is characterized by its simplicity, elegance, and profound emotional impact. Her compositions often feature stark lines, geometric shapes, and muted colors, creating a sense of tranquility and introspection. Her work invites viewers to pause, reflect, and appreciate the beauty of the world around them. 

Her remarkable achievements have solidified her position as a leading figure in the world of minimalist photography. Her dedication to her craft and her ability to capture the essence of the world through her lens have earned her the admiration and respect of fellow photographers and art enthusiasts worldwide.

5) Fabian Palmer – Tanzania – Photographer/Graphic Designer/Musician/Videographer 

© Fabian Palmer
© Fabian Palmer

Born with the gift of a good eye to capture and freeze time, he was raised and taught to love and serve. Growing up in East Africa, Tanzania. For Fabian, photography has been a journey of discovery. He started to pursue photography in 2016 as a means of expression of his artistic imagination and to inspire anyone out there that it is possible to live their lives doing what they love. 

His photography is mostly based on a concept he calls ‘Afrofuturism’, which is all about rebranding and rewriting the African narrative for the world. Showcasing the true beauty of ancient African cultures. His images are a testament and highlight what the world has been missing: the grace, richness, vibrant cultural societies, and tribes of Africa. His photographs capture the beauty and elegance of one of the many African parts that comes across in every photo of his. The Tanzanian culture has been very well respected in his works.

He was on the Jury for the Agora Awards for the ‘This Is Beauty Photography Awards 2024’. He began his videography with five international documentaries in 2022. He held his first exhibition on ‘Afrofuturism’ in Tanzania. He was awarded the winner of ‘Up and Coming Photographer by Canon Africa. He also produced the GoodEye Magazine. 

Fabian Palmer has become one of the most recognized photographers in his generation in his country. 



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