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THE ANALOG REVOLUTION: Film Camera News, by Stephen Smith

Since January of this year, every other YouTube photography video has seemed to be about Fujifilm’s hotly anticipated new X100VI.

THE ANALOG REVOLUTION: “Discipleship?”, by Stephen Smith

«Just so we get this straight from the beginning, I am not a disciple of or believer in analog photography.

THE ANALOG REVOLUTION: “How to Capture Truth”, by Stephen Smith

As an amateur analog film photographer, I am inspired by successful professional photographers who, during the digital revolution, chose to

THE ANALOG REVOLUTION: “Photographic Artisanship”, by Stephen Smith

As I have explained here in an earlier column, I almost became a photographer in the late 1970s before spending

THE ANALOG REVOLUTION: “A Matter of Style”, by Stephen Smith

“Plastic waste created this collection. The fabric mainly comes from recycled abandoned fishing nets floating in our oceans harming global

THE ANALOG REVOLUTION: “Is the Answer in the Process?”, by Stephen Smith

“Why do you photograph with film?” “Digital photography is so much easier and cheaper, isn’t it?” “What could you possibly

THE ANALOG REVOLUTION: “Post-Apocalyptic Dystopia”, by Stephen Smith

Like being in a post-apocalyptic film. That’s what being an analog photographer sometimes feels like. Just Will Smith, Samantha and

THE ANALOG REVOLUTION: “Back to the Future?”, by Stephen Smith

“Hey Dad, do you still have any film cameras around?” Five years ago, my daughter, then 18, became interested in