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“Keith Dannemiller, Part II: Homesweet, Homeland”, by Gina Williams

The last time I interviewed Mexico City-based photographer Keith Dannemiller for this column, he was confined to a few blocks

“Klaus Bo: How Death Rituals Reflect the Lives of the Living”, by Gina Williams

Since about 2010, Danish photographer Klaus Bo has photographed death rituals around the world in a photography-based anthropological quest to

“Valentina Brancaforte: Finding One’s Country”, by Gina Williams

Valentina Brancaforte’s images portray emotion and sensuality, the human condition, and the layers of desire and longing – for home,

“Kelley Dallas: Photography as an Act of Healing”, by Gina Williams

“The sand dunes made a big impression on me. I always look to nature for answers, and I found them

“Tariq Zaidi: A Way of Being in the World”, by Gina Williams

In one scene of his book trailer, a group of boisterous children gleefully follow a brightly clad Sapeur down a

“Luca Venturi: Imagine”, by Gina Williams

A few years ago, I attended a small photography festival in Siena, Italy on a recommendation from Street Photography Magazine

“Valentina Cipriany: Passion, Vision & Transformational Artistry”, by Gina Williams

From capturing explosive and dramatic dance scenes to creating and documenting other worlds drawn out of her imagination, Venezuelan conceptual

“Jan Sears: Find Your Why”, by Gina Williams

Bridges, literal and figurative, are a constant theme in San Francisco photographer Jan Sears’ work and life. A longtime recreational

“Hamzeh Mohammad Hosseini: Be Not Without Hope”, by Gina Williams

At the age of fourteen, Hamzeh Mohammad Hosseini happened upon a television documentary that discussed the mechanics and operation of

“Barbara Schmidt: Trust Your Own Vision”, by Gina Williams

As a child, German photographer Barbara Schmidt dreamed of being an architect. She explains on our Zoom call that at

“Pedro Luís Ajuriaguerra Saiz: Dreams are to be fulfilled”, by Gina Williams

What is your creative superpower? For Pedro Luís Ajuriaguerra Saiz, an internationally renowned photographer based in Spain, his supernatural photography

“Etinosa Yvonne: A Photographer’s Walk of Faith”, by Gina Williams

In 2017, when self-taught Nigerian documentary photographer Etinosa Yvonne longed to professionalize her work and find direction, she prayed. “As

“Hardijanto Budiman: Exploring Lost Worlds”, by Gina Williams

In October 2019 in Siena, Italy at the Siena International Photography Awards Ceremony and Festival, as photographers from more than

“Amy Sacka: Dissolving Division through Vision”, by Gina Williams

The ice gets in your blood. There aren’t many places this quiet left on earth, where the silence forms something

“Keith Dannemiller: Answering the ‘why’”, by Gina Williams

There’s a woman on the corner selling something. Many people are selling things – this is Mexico City’s busy Centro