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“Laura Malaterra: The Beauty of Surprises”, by Gina Williams

Consider this thought experiment, or maybe an exercise in time travel, shrouded in mysteries of light, memory, literature and art

“Steve Wise: No Stigma – The Sublime Power of Visual Narrative Through Acceptance and Collaboration”, by Gina Williams

Capturing the true essence of the whole person, physical, psychological, emotional and vulnerable in a single moment in time. Along

“Michel Giaccaglia: Lockdowns, Longing & the Other Side of the Coin”, by Gina Williams

Long ago, way back in 2017, before masks and isolation, disease and fear—before creative careers went silent with the sudden,

“Keith Dannemiller, Part II: Homesweet, Homeland”, by Gina Williams

The last time I interviewed Mexico City-based photographer Keith Dannemiller for this column, he was confined to a few blocks

“Klaus Bo: How Death Rituals Reflect the Lives of the Living”, by Gina Williams

Since about 2010, Danish photographer Klaus Bo has photographed death rituals around the world in a photography-based anthropological quest to

“Valentina Brancaforte: Finding One’s Country”, by Gina Williams

Valentina Brancaforte’s images portray emotion and sensuality, the human condition, and the layers of desire and longing – for home,

“Kelley Dallas: Photography as an Act of Healing”, by Gina Williams

“The sand dunes made a big impression on me. I always look to nature for answers, and I found them

“Tariq Zaidi: A Way of Being in the World”, by Gina Williams

In one scene of his book trailer, a group of boisterous children gleefully follow a brightly clad Sapeur down a

“Luca Venturi: Imagine”, by Gina Williams

A few years ago, I attended a small photography festival in Siena, Italy on a recommendation from Street Photography Magazine

“Valentina Cipriany: Passion, Vision & Transformational Artistry”, by Gina Williams

From capturing explosive and dramatic dance scenes to creating and documenting other worlds drawn out of her imagination, Venezuelan conceptual

“Jan Sears: Find Your Why”, by Gina Williams

Bridges, literal and figurative, are a constant theme in San Francisco photographer Jan Sears’ work and life. A longtime recreational

“Hamzeh Mohammad Hosseini: Be Not Without Hope”, by Gina Williams

At the age of fourteen, Hamzeh Mohammad Hosseini happened upon a television documentary that discussed the mechanics and operation of

“Barbara Schmidt: Trust Your Own Vision”, by Gina Williams

As a child, German photographer Barbara Schmidt dreamed of being an architect. She explains on our Zoom call that at

“Pedro Luís Ajuriaguerra Saiz: Dreams are to be fulfilled”, by Gina Williams

What is your creative superpower? For Pedro Luís Ajuriaguerra Saiz, an internationally renowned photographer based in Spain, his supernatural photography

“Etinosa Yvonne: A Photographer’s Walk of Faith”, by Gina Williams

In 2017, when self-taught Nigerian documentary photographer Etinosa Yvonne longed to professionalize her work and find direction, she prayed. “As