Category: Photo Stories

“Both Living and Permanent” by Jamie Marcellus

I primarily work in portraiture, often self portraits because the model is always available, always ready. I prefer using less

“Saxman, French Quarter, New Orleans” by Joseph Crachiola

I was photographing in Jackson Square in the French Quarter of New Orleans on a foggy morning when I encountered

“Corporal Mick Shave, Australian Army, Vietnam War Veteran” by Jack McLain

Mick grew up in the UK as an orphan and immigrated to Australia at 17, joining the Army almost immediately.

“Portrait #1” by Thierry Girard

I worked in southern India in 2010 and 2011, and particularly in the city of Pondicherry which is a former

“Feet” by Ann Prochilo

Feet is part of This Is Water, a series exploring self-awareness and its nemeses: blind certitude and unconsciousness. I started

“Tranquility” by Tomislav Borisov

We all need time for ourselves. To be alone with ourselves. Sometimes. I used these few hours on the last

“Dune, Night” by Brian Kosoff

This was captured at Death Valley. I’ve spent a great deal of time shooting in Death Valley. I find it

“Mountain Bluebird” by Walter Raemisch

I like to carry a camera almost everywhere I go. You never know what might catch your idea or inspire

“Modern Sculpture Abstract” by Lorraine Grey

Photography is my hobby or – should I say – my passion. I love to take photographs whenever I can

“In the Eye of the Beholder” by Mary Livingston

I love to find hidden landscapes in my surroundings and have recently discovered that the underside of boats undergoing repairs

“Couldn’t Sleep Last Night” by Barbara Tyroler

This is Holly, although also, as always, a self-portrait, which most of my portraits seem to be… I’ve been photographing

“By Three” by Olga Ochocka-Matłacz

I am fascinated by the beauty of the things that are completely banal to most of us. I’m trying to

“Travel Stories” by Bruno Flour

I am a pure amateur photographer and contrary to many, I enjoy as much the post processing of images as

“Ultra” by Paméla Aminou

As someone that works in another field, I rarely have the luxury of dedicating the amount of time I would

“Waterbaby” by David Southern

This is an image of the tide sweeping over sandstone on the Northumbrian coast. Sandstone rock strata is a feature