Category: Photo Stories

“Remnants of a Voyage #4” by Catherine Marcogliese

“The iron remains on the beach are from a British trawler, the Epine GY 7, which was wrecked east of

“Quotidian Bodies 00112” by Tobias Slater-Hunt

As an artist/photographer, my work is mainly about exploring representations of the body. I am trying to make this approach

“Eivissa 2022” by Quim Farrero

I’ve always loved crosses as a graphic sign, and I always try to take advantage of the visual strength and

“Cao Dai Great Temple” by Mark Indig

The image was taken during a 2013 photo trip to Vietnam and Cambodia. The Temple is the birthplace of Caodaism,

“Untitled” by Philip Flowers

I was a wedding photographer by trade. But now retired, I was drawn to trying my hand in the world

“Arrows and Umbrellas (Study in Yellow and Grey)” by Ron Schwager

As a commercial assignment photographer with a well equipped studio I sometimes find myself with idle hands. I take these

“La prisonnière du temps” by Jean Fraipont

A snowy day on the top of Belgium (Botrange). This region is famous for the vast expanses of swampy moors

“Regent Bowerbirds at O’Reillys” by Grahame Rosen

I went to O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat located in Queensland to specifically photograph the Regent Bowerbird. There were both male and

“Untitled” by Hiroyuki Miki

In November 2021, I went out to shoot Christmas illuminations and city snapshots. The place in this photo is the

“Spiritual Bodies” by Sarah Thomson

It was getting too dark to continue shooting, so I turned to the moon above me, as I often do.

“Portrait of Dana” by Caesar Lima

I was doing a beauty shoot with actress Dana Chapman in studio and between looks, I decided to try something

“Navigli – Milano” by Jean Frapoint

The banks of the Milan Canal (Navigli) are especially famous for the animation that they welcome in the evening with

“Sephira” by Ram Ganti

It was a balmy morning at Mesquite dunes in Death Valley, around 7:00am, early December. I parked my car after

“Mom and Dad in the Driftless” by Pete Olsen

My folks were both out in the garden and yard, doing some spring time maintenance. Mom getting her garden ready

“Self-Portrait” by Vincent Moro

This is a self-portrait. It has been captured through a glass door, on Christmas 2021. That room, at my parents’