Category: Photo Stories

“Lamp” by Timothy Mahoney

This photo is really a continuation of my exercise during COVID lockdown days when we were all going crazy trying

“Right On Target” by Davide China

My Right on Target image is one of spontaneous inspiration. It was unexpected. I did not have my go-to-camera with

“Keeping Watch” by Greig Clifford

It was a cold but bright October morning when I visited the Dungeness A and B nuclear power stations, the

“Friends Catching Up in a Cafe” by Caroline Preece

The day I took this image was a lesson in opening my eyes and looking at the familiar in a

“Embrace” by Maja Strgar Kurečić

This photograph is from my series Floating Garden. The story begins with a single rose. The rose my daughter received

“Winter Rain” by Preston Bolton

On an extremely cold winter day in Tokyo, Japan, when rain was pouring down and the wind was really strong,

“Study in Balance” by Kurt Golgart

Like most people, I enjoy the popular attractions anywhere I go. But sometimes, I fall for the mundane, those things

“First snow / Première Neige” by Pascal Clément

In Charlevoix, located an hour’s drive from Québec City, where the mountains rise in a majestic choreography, a photograph captures

“The Lone Wanderer” by Tareq Habib

My urban landscapes are designed to capture ordinary moments that surprise the audience with images of unexpected beauty hidden within

“What’s Lurking in the Trees” by Anne Oehlen

I do love photographing the coast with its expansive views and magnificent skies. That is not where I live, though,

“Past Peak, Eastern Sierra” by Franka Gabler

For many years, I’ve been drawing my inspiration from subtle, moody, often intimate landscapes. Such compositions allow me to express

“Rina Maria Rosade, Last Picture Taken” by Olaf Raymond Benold

People disappear. Death is the natural reason, but they also disappear from memory if they haven’t accomplished something in their

“Matt” by Mick Jones

Mattew is an Australian Army veteran who participated in a personal project of mine entitled ‘Reluctant Heroes’. I’ve been working

“Autumn Dawn – Eastern Sierra Nevada (2023)” by David Hoffman

This image was shot at dawn on October 21, 2023. I’m quite familiar with the locale and had scouted this

“The Hotel Room” by Warren Doering

Having just moved to Milan to further my fashion photography career, I landed in a no-frills hotel that gave discounts