Category: Photo Stories

“Lighthouse Thinking” by Judy Parker

The photograph itself is a simple detail of a structure seen and recognized by many hundreds of local people every

“Jaime” by Howard Fry

A few years ago I asked myself what were the real highs in my life, the moments when I experienced

“La Madame” by Roger Guetta

La Madame here does not translate as ‘The Madame of a bawdy house.’ It’s my interpretation of a Grand Dame.

“Mathon, Switzerland” by Stephen Smith

Vacationing in the Val Schons region of Switzerland this past February, I had been photographing in two remote villages, Mathon

“Symbolism” by Rita Anna Long

My father was from the Ukraine, Ukraine has made the red poppy a symbol of the victory over Nazi Germany,

“Breakdown #1” from the “Affected By Society” project, by Kay Gibbons-Buckwell

I took this photo when I was fifteen, 1983, as part of my final-year art folio in high school. The

“Father and Son, Kyiv” by Jonathan Levine

A few years ago, way before the current war, I was in Ukraine on assignment photographing humanitarian needs of the

“Son of Fate and Flow” by Aarón Blanco Tejedor

This image was taken about 200 meters from my home. My passion for photography started half a year before we

“Untitled, London 2020” by Sam Benari

This photograph is a part of Through The Window street collection. Taken in Central London in early 2020, only weeks

“Untitled” by Scott Allen

The subject of this photograph is a scarred and weathered tree. Over many seasons the visitors to this place on

“Rose Petals #1” by Wayne Pearson

This image is the latest in a series of images made not with a camera but by placing the subject

“Rush Ranch, 2022” by Alessandra Chaves

I have a blog about photography and in this blog, I write a series of posts about places that offer

“Pink” by Marc Zetterblom

Just the other day, as I was going through my drawer, I found an old camera of mine. A more

“Camila” by Alexei Mikhailov

This photo was taken in a photo studio as part of the Model Tests project for Camila. At first sight,

“Refresh Yourself” by Jerry Golab

Every once in a while I revisit older images to see if I could do a better job in editing