Category: Photo Stories

“Spiritual Bodies” by Sarah Thomson

It was getting too dark to continue shooting, so I turned to the moon above me, as I often do.

“Portrait of Dana” by Caesar Lima

I was doing a beauty shoot with actress Dana Chapman in studio and between looks, I decided to try something

“Navigli – Milano” by Jean Frapoint

The banks of the Milan Canal (Navigli) are especially famous for the animation that they welcome in the evening with

“Sephira” by Ram Ganti

It was a balmy morning at Mesquite dunes in Death Valley, around 7:00am, early December. I parked my car after

“Mom and Dad in the Driftless” by Pete Olsen

My folks were both out in the garden and yard, doing some spring time maintenance. Mom getting her garden ready

“Self-Portrait” by Vincent Moro

This is a self-portrait. It has been captured through a glass door, on Christmas 2021. That room, at my parents’

“Just the Two of Us” by Kyoyoung Koo

I took this photo in September, 2021 at Sosewon which is located in Damyang, Korea. Sosewon is a beautiful and

“Femme Fatale” by Shelley Harvey

This image was taken at the end of a long day shooting an array of different scenarios with this model.

“Put Foot” by Alon Goldsmith

I ride my bike every day hunting for photos for my 365 project. The idea is to get a photo

“Oleander leaf, 2021” by Alessandra Chaves

Botanical photography is one of my passions and within this field I particularly enjoy photographing subjects that are past their

“Something from Nothing” by Roddy Parkinson

I am a retired photographer and photo teacher who has never gotten tired of shooting. I started in Vietnam in

“Blue Light #2” by Fran Forman

My work has been described as ‘photo-painting’. I construct and manipulate images from photographs that I shoot and archive over

“Yellow Stripes And Lines” by Ross Duncan

I quite often take my camera out for a walk. It’s good for the soul and good for your health.

“Colors of San Miguel de Allende 1” by Frederick Fenyvessy

In early 2021 I was challenged by a valued mentor, Laurie J Klein, as to how my vision had changed

“Zero” by Christodoulos Papadopoulos

The Tate Modern is always on my list whenever I visit London. It had been a while since I last