Category: Photo Stories

“Refresh Yourself” by Jerry Golab

Every once in a while I revisit older images to see if I could do a better job in editing

“States of Temper” by Bob Rainville

This is my second year experiencing and shooting this otherworldly landscape. This pilgrimage originated as a desperate attempt to escape

“In the Moss Garden” by Colleen Parker

This image was the last I made on an afternoon spent wandering about our local arboretum. It had rained heavily

“Shadow 15” by Diane Fenster

Shadow 15 from the series Penumbral Epiphanies. (1): a usually sudden manifestation or perception of the essential nature or meaning

“Café in Arles, France. 1968” by Frank Siteman

As a budding photographer on break from Tufts University in the summer of 1968, I embarked on my first trip

“Remnants of a Voyage #4” by Catherine Marcogliese

“The iron remains on the beach are from a British trawler, the Epine GY 7, which was wrecked east of

“Quotidian Bodies 00112” by Tobias Slater-Hunt

As an artist/photographer, my work is mainly about exploring representations of the body. I am trying to make this approach

“Eivissa 2022” by Quim Farrero

I’ve always loved crosses as a graphic sign, and I always try to take advantage of the visual strength and

“Cao Dai Great Temple” by Mark Indig

The image was taken during a 2013 photo trip to Vietnam and Cambodia. The Temple is the birthplace of Caodaism,

“Untitled” by Philip Flowers

I was a wedding photographer by trade. But now retired, I was drawn to trying my hand in the world

“Arrows and Umbrellas (Study in Yellow and Grey)” by Ron Schwager

As a commercial assignment photographer with a well equipped studio I sometimes find myself with idle hands. I take these

“La prisonnière du temps” by Jean Fraipont

A snowy day on the top of Belgium (Botrange). This region is famous for the vast expanses of swampy moors

“Regent Bowerbirds at O’Reillys” by Grahame Rosen

I went to O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat located in Queensland to specifically photograph the Regent Bowerbird. There were both male and

“Untitled” by Hiroyuki Miki

In November 2021, I went out to shoot Christmas illuminations and city snapshots. The place in this photo is the

“Spiritual Bodies” by Sarah Thomson

It was getting too dark to continue shooting, so I turned to the moon above me, as I often do.