Category: Photo Stories

“Abstract in Plastic #1” by Patrick Arnold

In 2015 I was commissioned through the studio I work for to create some photo art pieces for the corporate

“Untitled” by Nicolas Castermans

This mountain stands at 5,000 meters above the sea level in the region of Cusco, Peru. It is known as

“Untitled” by Lin Blythe

This is an image from my project “Passenger” which records my journeys to and from Liverpool on the Cross River

“St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church” by Mike Kukulski

My wife and I were returning from a Door County, Wisconsin vacation last week, and decided to take the smaller

“This Way” by Des Mullan

They say bad weather makes for good photographs. I certainly hope this is the case here. I live on a

“Cold Flower” by Andreas Wenninger

When the COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown happened in March 2020, most of outdoor activities were cancelled, I decided to

“Morning Cigarette” by Stephen Uhraney

I have been wanting to do a narrative photograph with my girlfriend for quite sometime. As she was sitting on

“Anesthesia” by Alex Sher

There is the time right before sunset when the wind calms down and stops rocking boats, when the harbor turns

“Inspired Series No.22… Flower Child” by Olga Baldock

The original photo was taken in 2016. At the time I was mostly a landscape photographer and this genre was

“The Battisti Twins” by Frank Lepre

This photo was taken in Ottawa, Ontario at the home of an old family friend, Antonio Battisti. The two girls,

“There Will Be Light” by Oliver Ammerschuber

I try to spend as much time as possible in forests. The magic of a forest, the peace and also

“The Poetry of the Simple Things” by Bernard Moncet

In these old residences aged by time, we often pass through there without seeing anything. However, light, colors or graphics

“Bardstown Road Reflections” by Frank Styburski

This image is from my library. I took it a few years ago in Louisville, Kentucky. Louisville is a lovely

“Here Comes the Sun” by Cynthia Gladis

Long walks on the beach in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina have always been a source of joy for me.

“Making History with History: Attending Shane Balkowitsch’s ‘No Vaccine for Death Project'” by W. Scott Olsen

FRAMES member Shane Balkowitsch may have made photographic history. More than 100 collaborators came together Saturday in Bismarck, North Dakota,