Category: Photo Stories

“Quantumania #2” by Christian Meermann

Looking for new ideas for macro photos, I watched a tutorial on YouTube about pictures of oil in water. The

“Life Imitating Art” by Dan Fiore

As a street photographer, I look to Metropolitan Museum of Art for my photographic inspiration. Every form, every period, every

“Old Ford – Gone but Not Forgotten” by Paul Bartell

I belong to the Arizona Professional Photographers Association. During a recent meet-up we visited an old automobile salvage yard with

“Mom” by Jindřich Beneš

For the past few years, I’ve been driving to visit my parents every Sunday. There I met their life story.

“The Journey” by Charles Edward Ashton

Since I visited India as a student in 1979, I have been fascinated with the country and its people. The

“Untitled” by Jay Tanen

In 2013, together with my girlfriend we traveled to South Africa to visit her daughter who was doing a semester

“Untitled” by Lars Gustafsson

Choosing to photograph still lifes, making pictures of objects and things, may not seem like the most exciting choice to

“Abstract Architecture (van Abbe 3)” by Peter van Eekelen

I really like to visit museums, anywhere and anytime. For the larger part, obviously because of their expositions (my preference

“The Complexity of Crystal Formation” by Rob Blanken

Crystal formation is a very complex and partly still misunderstood process. Crystals can take on very different shapes and if

“Both Living and Permanent” by Jamie Marcellus

I primarily work in portraiture, often self portraits because the model is always available, always ready. I prefer using less

“Saxman, French Quarter, New Orleans” by Joseph Crachiola

I was photographing in Jackson Square in the French Quarter of New Orleans on a foggy morning when I encountered

“Corporal Mick Shave, Australian Army, Vietnam War Veteran” by Jack McLain

Mick grew up in the UK as an orphan and immigrated to Australia at 17, joining the Army almost immediately.

“Portrait #1” by Thierry Girard

I worked in southern India in 2010 and 2011, and particularly in the city of Pondicherry which is a former

“Feet” by Ann Prochilo

Feet is part of This Is Water, a series exploring self-awareness and its nemeses: blind certitude and unconsciousness. I started

“Tranquility” by Tomislav Borisov

We all need time for ourselves. To be alone with ourselves. Sometimes. I used these few hours on the last