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Leading Lines – Review of “Edge” by David Ricci

Ok, now I’m confused. I have learned, according to a quick Google search, a person who studies or practices geometry

The Allure of What We Hoped – Review of “100 Movies: A survey of American drive-in theatres / 1976” by Herman van den Boom

Think, for a moment, about the location of a shared experience for our imagination and desire. It could be a

Starlight, Starbright – Review of “Star Struck” by Ave Pildas

One of the particular, and sometimes peculiar, powers of a photobook is its ability to call up the past with

Light to the Archives – Review of “The Unseen Saul Leiter” by Margit Erb and Michael Parillo

One of the benefits of being a prolific photographer is that there is a lot to choose from when putting

The Once and Future Now – Review of “Olmsted Trees” by Stanley Greenberg

It is relatively commonplace for a collection of photographs to have an historical intent.  We are accustomed to looking at

Gravitas and Joy – Review of “Coney Island People: 50 Years” by Harvey Stein

Coney Island is one of the bedrocks of American mythology. It does not matter if you’ve never been there. If you are

When Witness is Invitation – Review of “Beautiful, Still” by Colby Deal

I will admit to a special fondness for the documentary photobook. More deeply than most photojournalism, these books are often

Implications – Review of “From Yonder Wooded Hill” by Riley Goodman

Legends are peculiar things. By definition, they are acts of storytelling. They are acts of memory, too, though the facts

Emotion Recollected – Review of “Spray Nation” by Martha Cooper

If photobooks can capture and define a movement, then the 1984 book, Subway Art, co-authored by Henry Chalfant and Martha

Extraordinary – Review of “The Only Woman” by Immy Humes

We have all seen these pictures go by. Sometimes on social media, sometimes in magazines, an image comes up that

The Space of/between Then and Now – Review of “The Way It Was: Road Trips USA” by Thomas Hoepker

If one photograph can capture and sustain a moment in time, two images capture something much more difficult to explain. Two

The Inspiration Cards – Review of “The Street Photography Challenge” by David Gibson

This is going to be a very short review of a product I have come to love. Notice I did

No Exit – Review of “Sin Salida” by Tariq Zaidi

The documentary image is a complicated and troubled idea. At one level, it seems straightforward. The goal is to document, without

The Rest of the Story – Review of “Gathered Leaves Annotated” by Alec Soth

There is something deeply wonderful about hearing a story, and then hearing it again. Think about listening to a song,

Something Completely Different – Review of “Scarti di Tempo” by Sandra Cattaneo Adorno

Let’s call it reader, or viewer, error. I picked up Scarti di Tempo, the new book by Sandra Cattaneo Adorno,