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The Local Love Song – Review of “The Avenue of Roses ” by Kevin Fletcher

It’s always one of the early questions. What is your name? What do you do? Where are you from? Think about that for

The View Between Times – Review of “Permanent Drift” by John Waller

What is the relation between an image and its idea? I remember once, a long time ago, seeing a mundane

Telling Stories – Review of “Ruth Orkin: A Photo Spirit”

Perhaps it’s a bit like golden hour. Sunlight falls on us all day long. Yet, for just a few moments toward

Preservation – Review of “Perfect Strangers” by Melissa O’Shaughnessy

Consider the piano. It’s not a simple instrument. Yet, although there are a variety of sizes and types, it’s pretty well defined. Even

The Importance of Everything – Review of “Timm Rautert and the Lives of Photography”

There are many possible good conversations about photography. Two of them are common and easy. The first is about gear. “Yes, I used

Simply Wonderful – Review of “Creating Photographs” by Albert Watson

Let me be clear at the beginning.  I love this book.  It does not take long to read. The images are

The Short Forever – Review of “DOR” by Mari Calai

Imagine a haiku, the ancient Japanese form of poetry.  Three lines.  Five syllables, then seven, then five again. Tradition says

The Benefit of Time – Review of “Found, Not Lost” by Elliott Erwitt

Artists have a peculiar relationship with time and their own work. New work is always fresh and exciting, filled with discovery

The Prayers of Memory – Review of “Sweet Noise: Love in Wartime” by Max Hirshfeld

Sometimes, to read a book, you have to shut the door. Not because of secrecy or a need to hide,

Necessary Reading – Review of “Looking at Photography” by Stephen Frailey

There is a curious relationship between experience, knowledge, and inspiration. I’m sure every photographer has felt this at one time

Inside Pain and Purpose – Review of “Uncommon Grit: A Photographic Journey Through Navy Seal Training” by D. McBurnett

There is something special about an inside look. Pull any curtain back, even partially, and we step forward to see what

The New Way, the Old Way – Review of “Northern Plains Native Americans: A Modern Wet Plate Perspective” by Shane Balkowitsch

Imagine a project of 1000 portraits. Now imagine the project in a way that you only get one try for each

Witness – Review of “Taxi: Journey Through My Windows 1977-1987” by Joseph Rodriguez

I sometimes wonder about the work we do. Photographers are documentarians, yes. But we are also historians, sociologists, ethnographers. Sometimes we are psychiatrists

On the Clarity of Night – Review of “Hà Nội” by Wouter Vanhees

Sometimes a simple idea is the best idea. Sometimes, in fact, a simple idea can be genius. Every Wednesday night, at

The Perfect Tabletop Hike – Review of “The Nature of Yosemite: A Visual Journey” by Robb Hirsch

Here is a confession. Every now and then, for whatever reason, I find myself holding an Audubon or Peterson field guide