Category: Reviews

A New Question on Old Ground – Review of “New York Unseen” by Luc Kordas

There is a problem nearly every photographer faces. How do you photograph something with a freshness and originality, a sense

The Best Kind of Uncomfortable – Review of “Hauntings” by Antonio Mozeto

I often wonder about our expectations for a photo book. There are 1000 times 1000 different ways to imagine photography.

With Stops Along the Way – Review of “Dammed: Birth to Death of the Colorado River” by Debbie Bentley

A series of photos can have remarkable power. They can provoke a growing emotion. They can provoke a developing empathy.

A Beautiful Book – Review of “The Flowers of Provence” by Jamie Beck

Every good photography book causes a viewer to pause. We may linger over an image because it is disturbing, because

Continuously Variable Physical Quality – Review of “Analog Iran” by Ali MC

One of the things I find most interesting about photography is its ability to capture and hold and sustain nuance.

Cours Entier – Review of “Riverscape” by Kristel Schneider

Books of landscape photography are, almost without exception, beautiful. Sometimes, the books are beautiful in the classical sense – leafy

The Particular Universal – Review of “Pickup” by Lee Friedlander

This is going to be a brief review of a book I adore. I have on my desk Pickup by

Seeing Toward Understanding – Review of “North Korea: The People’s Paradise” by Tariq Zaidi

Photography books often promise a view of something hidden or mysterious. Especially those photography books that take on a documentarian

The Arc of Cold – Review of “Winter” by Bruce Haley

Let me be clear from the very start. I live on the border between Minnesota and North Dakota in the

Have a Seat – Review of “Beyond the Light: The Stories Behind the Photographs” by Layne Kennedy

We’ve all had the experience, whether we are a photographer or not. Someone shows us a picture. We hold it

Surprise and Delight – Review of “Pairs” by Howard Schatz and Beverly Ornstein

Every now and then, an idea comes along which appears to be simple when, in fact, that is not the

The Private Printings – Review of “FRAMES Photography Circle Exhibition Catalog” and “In Living Color: A Kodachrome Project – Experiments in Color Digital Post Processing” by Reed Pike

Exhibition catalogs hold a curious place in the world of photography books. At one level, they are souvenirs. They serve

Different Bat Time – Different Bat Place – Review of “Daily Bat” by Sebastian Magnani

If you are of a certain age, there is likely a phrase hiding in the back of your head. Same

A Moment to Wonder – Review of “Twilight” by Arthur Drooker

There is a wonderful, sometimes complimentary, sometimes contradictory, relationship between representation and implication. Photography has always had a strong leaning

A Defining Diary – Review of “New York Street Diaries” by Phil Penman

Every now and then, a book comes along that provides a kind of new cornerstone, a kind of definition for