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The New Way, the Old Way – Review of “Northern Plains Native Americans: A Modern Wet Plate Perspective” by Shane Balkowitsch

Imagine a project of 1000 portraits. Now imagine the project in a way that you only get one try for each

Witness – Review of “Taxi: Journey Through My Windows 1977-1987” by Joseph Rodriguez

I sometimes wonder about the work we do. Photographers are documentarians, yes. But we are also historians, sociologists, ethnographers. Sometimes we are psychiatrists

On the Clarity of Night – Review of “Hà Nội” by Wouter Vanhees

Sometimes a simple idea is the best idea. Sometimes, in fact, a simple idea can be genius. Every Wednesday night, at

The Perfect Tabletop Hike – Review of “The Nature of Yosemite: A Visual Journey” by Robb Hirsch

Here is a confession. Every now and then, for whatever reason, I find myself holding an Audubon or Peterson field guide

Too Much, Too Little – Review of “Women Street Photographers”, edited by Gulnara Samoilova

Everything about this book seems like a good idea. Street Photography is hot right now. The founding superstars are all men –

A Braided Healing – Review of “He Threw the Last Punch Too Hard” by Hannah Kozak

“One of the hardest, yet most therapeutic journeys a photographer can take is to turn the lens around on themselves,

Mind Time – Review of “Escape” by Olga Karlovac

There are a thousand ways to judge a photobook: technical sophistication, artistic accomplishment, social relevance, and so on. Those are all

Beauty and Despair – Review of “In Guns We Trust” by Jean-Francois Bouchard

There is a quote in Tim O’Brien’s book The Things They Carried I find myself remembering often. He writes: “The truths

The Deep Fleeting Moment – Review of “Fill the Frame”, a film by Tim Huynh

Here is a question: How do you explain the ineffable? How do you explain what is present – oftentimes right

The Persistence of Whispers – Review of “The Locusts” by Jesse Lenz

When we tell the stories of our lives, to others or to ourselves, we tend to land on events. Here

A Necessary Book – Review of “Pictures on the Radio” by David P. Gilkey

I love radio. Perhaps because radio seems to come from nowhere, or everywhere, the act of listening, for me at

A Sensual Response – Review of “Look Up To The Moon” by John Cohen

I would be surprised if every photographer did not share one common dream – to go someplace, someplace unfamiliar, perhaps

Spectacle and Distance – Review of “In the Limelight: The Visual Ecstasy of NYC Nightlife in the 90s”

It seemed good at the time.  In the 1990s, New York City nightclubs defined energy, culture remade by boundary-exploding innovation. 

Yes – Review of “Henri Cartier-Bresson: Photographer”

I know what’s going to happen. This book is going to sit on your coffee table. There will be a moment

The Moment Before Everything – Review of “In Search of Elsewhere” by Steve McCurry

There is a moment I love.  Imagine a dance teacher counting five, six, seven, eight. Just before the next one, the