Category: Reviews

A Voice in the Chorus – Review of “Remembrance Garden: A Portrait of Green-Wood Cemetery” by Eugene Richards

There is a place in every story which the audience inhabits. It does not matter if the story is being

The Beauty before Disarray – Review of “Entropy” by Diane Tuft

At first glance, it seems there is a problem with Diane Tuft’s new book, titled Entropy. Every image throughout the

Local Knowledge – Review of “Paradis Limoilou” by Pascal Clément

One of the things you hear often from good photographers is how long they spend with a subject. Instead of

Fragments toward Whole – Review of “Look at the U.S.A.” by Peter van Agtmael

Here is a simple truth. We want to put things together. We see a bit of something over here, another

Two Senses – Review of “It Could Have Been A Beautiful” by Edouard Elias

Given the fact that photography is a visual medium, it is perhaps surprising that more innovation has not been imagined

Food, Fuel and Story – Review of “Thank You Please Come Again: How Gas Stations Feed and Fuel the American South” by Kate Medley

Let me say this clearly and at the beginning. I love this book. I am no Southerner. Although my family

The Flow of Future Memory – Review of “The Seraphim” by Jesse Lenz

Some people call it being in the flow or being in a flow state – that feeling of being completely

In Pity | For Change – Review of “Stranger Fruit” by Jon Henry

I would expect we are all familiar with the Pietà. The Virgin Mary holds the body of Christ, dead, having

We Could/Should/Will Have Done More – Review of “SINK / RISE, The Day May Break, Chapter Three” by Nick Brandt

There is a painting in Room 701 of the Denon wing at the Louvre, which stops me every time I

Over the Top and Dead On Right – Review of “Fashion Faux Parr” by Martin Parr

I should begin with a disclaimer.  I think a lot of haute couture is preposterous. I do realize style is

A New Question on Old Ground – Review of “New York Unseen” by Luc Kordas

There is a problem nearly every photographer faces. How do you photograph something with a freshness and originality, a sense

The Best Kind of Uncomfortable – Review of “Hauntings” by Antonio Mozeto

I often wonder about our expectations for a photo book. There are 1000 times 1000 different ways to imagine photography.

With Stops Along the Way – Review of “Dammed: Birth to Death of the Colorado River” by Debbie Bentley

A series of photos can have remarkable power. They can provoke a growing emotion. They can provoke a developing empathy.

A Beautiful Book – Review of “The Flowers of Provence” by Jamie Beck

Every good photography book causes a viewer to pause. We may linger over an image because it is disturbing, because

Continuously Variable Physical Quality – Review of “Analog Iran” by Ali MC

One of the things I find most interesting about photography is its ability to capture and hold and sustain nuance.