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A Necessary Book – Review of “Pictures on the Radio” by David P. Gilkey

I love radio. Perhaps because radio seems to come from nowhere, or everywhere, the act of listening, for me at

A Sensual Response – Review of “Look Up To The Moon” by John Cohen

I would be surprised if every photographer did not share one common dream – to go someplace, someplace unfamiliar, perhaps

Spectacle and Distance – Review of “In the Limelight: The Visual Ecstasy of NYC Nightlife in the 90s”

It seemed good at the time.  In the 1990s, New York City nightclubs defined energy, culture remade by boundary-exploding innovation. 

Yes – Review of “Henri Cartier-Bresson: Photographer”

I know what’s going to happen. This book is going to sit on your coffee table. There will be a moment

The Moment Before Everything – Review of “In Search of Elsewhere” by Steve McCurry

There is a moment I love.  Imagine a dance teacher counting five, six, seven, eight. Just before the next one, the

On Nostalgia, Happiness and Tears – Review of “The Boys” by Rick Schatzberg

Here is a proposition: Memory demands the present. At one level this is obvious. Memory, by definition, resides in the previous,

Those Wonderful Small Corners – Review of “Do Not Disturb My Waking Dream” by John Cohen

There should be a word somewhere between evocative and provocative.  To evoke is to cause memory. To provoke is to cause

On the Breath of Street – Review of “Friction / Tokyo Street” by Tatsuo Suzuki

Let me admit to a bias. I love street photography. I love the spontaneity, the serendipity, the flash of opportunity and the

Variations on a Fluid Theme – Review of “Lake Pictures” by Lucinda Devlin

There is something wonderful about repetition and difference, the familiarity and depth of one, the freshness and serendipity of the

The Joy of Smart and Curious Time – Review of “Buddha” by Michael Kenna

One of the great joys of curiosity is the way it is so easily shared.  No, perhaps that’s wrong. Shared

Insight – review of “Magnum Artists: When Great Photographers Meet Great Artists”

How do you photograph an idea, a talent, a critique or a hope? It’s a particular problem for portraiture. We

I Love Paris – review of “Paris” by Paul Almasy

Let me admit this at the beginning. I love Paris.  I have the good fortune to be there once a year,

The Force of the Missing – review of “Silent Cities” by Mat Hennek

Mat Hennek – Silent Citiespublished by Steidl, 2020review by W. Scott Olsen I shouldn’t be surprised. Great photography, like great