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One Fine Story – Review of “Road to Bamako: Following the Grand Niger River Bend 1978” by Michael Snoek

There is a special place in my heart for the travelogue photobook. I do not mean collections of travel photos,

A Chorus of Solos – Review of “Random Access: Photographs by John T. Hill”

Photographers have a troubled relationship with the unity-making demands of theme. One of the early questions a gallery curator or

Work and Art for Good – Review of two new exhibitions at Festival della Fotografia Etica

I have never been to Lodi, a city in Lombardy, on the western bank of the River Adda in northern

Elegant, Beautiful & Profound – Review of “Visual Memories and Hidden Places” by Paul Caponigro

Reverence. I think that’s right. Reverence, yes. A slowing down to appreciate, to celebrate, to resist the rush, and not

The Joy of Alpha and Omega – Review of “First Stop Last Stop” by Rita Nannini

There is something special about the places we begin and the places we end. There is a whole universe of

The Illumination of Silence – Review of “Comedians” by Steve Best

I am either the perfect audience for this book or the worst. Comedians, a new book by British comedian/photographer Steve

The Sounds of Shadows – Review of “Shadow’s Praise” by David Nissen

Let’s face it. Sometimes some things are just too cool for words. I’m holding in my lap a book called

The Person you Know and Don’t – Review of “Ralph Ellison: Photographer”

There are two types of people who will pick up this book. There will be those who see the name

Honesty and Respect – Review of “Twenty-Five Homeless People” by George Phillips

In photography, nothing is off limits. Except, well, some things are. It’s all a matter of vulnerability, exploitation, agency and

Stories We Tell – Review of “Mindful Matters: Essays on Photography” by E.E. McCollum

Photography is a great deal more than camera and lens, light and form and contrast. It’s a great deal more

Saints Preserve Us – Review of “Humanity” by Henry Leutwyler

In the brief introduction to Humanity, Yves Daccord, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of the Edgelands Institute and Former Director General

A Brilliant Book – Review of “Rodney Smith: A Leap of Faith” by Paul Martineau

In the literary world, there is a long-standing tradition of books that gather the old and reveal the new. Often

A Necessary More – Review of “The Day May Break, Chapter Two” by Nick Brandt

I am often wary of sequels. Sometimes success breeds repetition but the first outing contains all the good stuff. All

A Beautiful, Hopeful Regret – Review of “Gandras: Land of the White Stork” by Jasper Bastian

The very best poetry has the capacity to be both specific and evocative at the same time. As a matter

Wonderful, Necessary and Smart – Review of “Chris Killip” by Ken Grant and Tracy Marchall-Grant

Every now and then, a photobook comes along which is extraordinary in every possible way.  Not only are the images