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Trouble (v) – Review of “The Day May Break” by Nick Brandt

I don’t think I’ve ever held a more troubling book. I mean that in the best possible way. To trouble

The Lessons of Memory – Review of “Sthlm77” by Gérard Hervé Polisset

One of the most wonderful, and most troubling, things about photography is the way the images linger. We capture the

The Details in an Artist’s Eye – Review of “Helsinki Designerin Silmin” by Tua Rahikainen

On the left side of my desk this morning, a cold and windy winter morning on the northern prairie of

The Failed Good Idea – Review of “Zone Eleven” by Mike Mandel

There is little doubt that many of us have a fascination with outtakes, or the B roll, or the material

An Open, Private Book – Review of “Magnum 2020: A Book by Magnum Photographers”

With luck, we’ve all had this conversation. Late at night, more or less, we find ourselves talking with other photographers,

In Praise of Brillance – Review of “Águas de Ouro” by Sandra Cattaneo Adorno

There is something special about reorientation. You think you know something – at least its boundaries if not its core –

What We Love – What We Can Learn – Review of “Hayao Miyazaki” by Jessica Niebel

There are lessons everywhere. Not all of them are direct. “Hayao Miyazaki” by Jessica NiebelPublished by Delmonico Books, 2021review by

To Tell the Seeing – Review of “Changing Moods: Sixty Years in Black and White” by John Alexander Dersham

I often wonder why we are attracted to biography, and especially autobiography. My life is nothing like Benjamin Franklin’s, or Maxine

A DNA from Steel – Review of “Cruise Night ” by Kristin Bedford

There are a thousand ways to define culture. Ethnicity is one of them. So is location. So is occupation. One of the most

The Local Love Song – Review of “The Avenue of Roses ” by Kevin Fletcher

It’s always one of the early questions. What is your name? What do you do? Where are you from? Think about that for

The View Between Times – Review of “Permanent Drift” by John Waller

What is the relation between an image and its idea? I remember once, a long time ago, seeing a mundane

Telling Stories – Review of “Ruth Orkin: A Photo Spirit”

Perhaps it’s a bit like golden hour. Sunlight falls on us all day long. Yet, for just a few moments toward

Preservation – Review of “Perfect Strangers” by Melissa O’Shaughnessy

Consider the piano. It’s not a simple instrument. Yet, although there are a variety of sizes and types, it’s pretty well defined. Even

The Importance of Everything – Review of “Timm Rautert and the Lives of Photography”

There are many possible good conversations about photography. Two of them are common and easy. The first is about gear. “Yes, I used

Simply Wonderful – Review of “Creating Photographs” by Albert Watson

Let me be clear at the beginning.  I love this book.  It does not take long to read. The images are