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Elegant, Sad and Profound – Review of “Vanishing Cuba: A curated photo storytelling collection” by Michael Chinnici

Every now and then, a photo book is completely astounding. The images are technically brilliant and insightfully composed. The subject

On the Politics of Portraits – An essay review of “Northern Plains Americans: A Modern Wet Plate Perspective, Volume Two” by Shane Balkowitsch

Photography is no stranger to politics. With the possible exceptions of landscape and still life photography, nearly every other form

When the Moment Occurs – Review of “Abandoned Moments: A Love Letter to Photography” by Ed Kashi

There is something both common and brilliant about the idea of revisiting images. With just a little bit of time

Complexities – Review of “Westlands: A Water Story” by Randi Lynn Beach

There is a particular challenge to every photographer who brings a group of images together. Beyond the aesthetic power of

The Ideas that Guide Us – Review of “Through The Lens: The Pandemic and Black Lives Matter” by Lauren Walsh

When we talk about photography, we often get trapped into talking about the images. The composition, the use of light,

Kinetic Joy – Review of “Where The Ocean Drinks the Sky” by Stephanie Duprie Routh

There is always a bit of magic to the opening of a new photo book. Whatever expectations we may have,

The Beauty of Presentation – Review of “Outside II” by David Magee

I do not own a pair of white linen gloves. Although, sometimes, I wish I did. We all know that

A Moment’s Story – Review of “Byways” by Roger A. Deakins

I imagine if I were to make the claim that every photographer secretly wants to spend some time as a

So Much Fun – Review of “Tickety-Boo” by Charles H. Traub

This is going to be a brief review of a book I deeply admire. Tickety-Boo, by Charles Traub is the

Inside the Spirit of the Ceremony – Review of “The Perfect Imperfect: The Wedding Photographs of John Dolan”

To be honest, certain types of photography frighten me. Not because of personal risk, like falling off a mountain or

Essential Play – Review of “Potential Space: A Serious Look at Child’s Play” by Nancy Richards Farese

Every now and then, something we learn in school actually stays with us. I remember something I learned in the

Irony and Wonder – Review of “Prophetic Kingdom” by Martin Buday

Imagine a photo book on your coffee table. It’s a pleasant shade of blue, a little bit bigger than 9

Inspiration – Review of “Let’s Get Lost”, curated by Finn Beales

Reading a photo book is unlike reading any other kind of book. Photo books do not, in general, have plot.

What Time Tells – Review of “The Unchosen Ones: Portraits of an American Pastoral” by R. J. Kern

We have all been there. Hope. Ambition. Dreams. Hard Work. The Moment. And then, disappointment. For whatever reason, sometimes justly and

Trouble (v) – Review of “The Day May Break” by Nick Brandt

I don’t think I’ve ever held a more troubling book. I mean that in the best possible way. To trouble