Category: Reviews

A Quiet Intimacy – Review of “Family Photographs” by Joan Albert

It’s always a bit of magic when a photograph transcends the mundane and becomes something special. We all have family

On the Missing Other – Review of “Dining Alone: In the Company of Solitude” by Nancy A. Scherl

The whole idea of communion, of breaking bread together, is deeply rooted in human psychology and history. It doesn’t matter

In Transit – Review of “Station to Station: Exploring the New York Subway” by Ed Hotchkiss

I do not live in New York City, although I visit often. And when I visit, it appears inevitable that

Every Page a Gem – Review of “Water Views: Rivers, Lakes, Oceans” by David Ondaatje

Here is something obvious, but always worth repeating. Perspective creates insight. I don’t mean insight in any all-encompassing way. What

Doubled Vision – Review of “The People’s Pictures” by Lee Friedlander

I remember a soft spring evening several years ago, before the pandemic. A man named Andrew Steinberg, a tremendously gifted

Expanded Seing – Review of “Crossed Looks” by Namsa Leuba

Perhaps the very best thing about art, in any genre, is its ability to expand our imagination. We read a

Disturbing and True – Review of “Course of the Empire” by Ken Light

A single documentary image can contain a powerful moral argument. Two images together create a story. An entire book can

Changed Expectations – Review of “Seeing Silence: The Beauty of the World’s Most Quiet Places” by Pete McBride

What do you do when you expect one thing and get another? What if that new thing is really wonderful

The Soft Veil of a Dream – Review of “Paysages & Transfiguration” (“Landscapes & Transfiguration”) by Philippe Ciaparra

Every now and then a book comes along which causes me to pause. I think I know what I’m looking

Learning from Others – Review of “How I Make Photographs” by David Yarrow (a part of the Masters of Photography series)

There is a lot of jazz in rock and roll. There’s a lot of the hymn in jazz. There’s a

Inspiration and Challenge – Review of “Photographers on Photography” by Henry Carroll

For many years, my father’s favorite book was Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations. A blue-covered hardback, heavy and thick, it migrated around

In Praise of Volume – Review of “Colorist” by Robert A. Flischel

The use of color is a tricky subject for photographers. I’m not talking about color versus black and white or

Elegant, Sad and Profound – Review of “Vanishing Cuba: A curated photo storytelling collection” by Michael Chinnici

Every now and then, a photo book is completely astounding. The images are technically brilliant and insightfully composed. The subject

On the Politics of Portraits – An essay review of “Northern Plains Americans: A Modern Wet Plate Perspective, Volume Two” by Shane Balkowitsch

Photography is no stranger to politics. With the possible exceptions of landscape and still life photography, nearly every other form

When the Moment Occurs – Review of “Abandoned Moments: A Love Letter to Photography” by Ed Kashi

There is something both common and brilliant about the idea of revisiting images. With just a little bit of time