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A Brilliant Book – Review of “Rodney Smith: A Leap of Faith” by Paul Martineau

In the literary world, there is a long-standing tradition of books that gather the old and reveal the new. Often

A Necessary More – Review of “The Day May Break, Chapter Two” by Nick Brandt

I am often wary of sequels. Sometimes success breeds repetition but the first outing contains all the good stuff. All

A Beautiful, Hopeful Regret – Review of “Gandras: Land of the White Stork” by Jasper Bastian

The very best poetry has the capacity to be both specific and evocative at the same time. As a matter

Wonderful, Necessary and Smart – Review of “Chris Killip” by Ken Grant and Tracy Marchall-Grant

Every now and then, a photobook comes along which is extraordinary in every possible way.  Not only are the images

Isolation and Discovery – Review of “DD/MM/YYYY” by Kostis Argyriadis

In the very back of Kostis Argyriadis’s new book, DD/MM/YYYY, he writes: DD/MM/YYYY is a series of personal photographic explorations

Inside and Out – Review of “Between Worlds” by Harry Gruyaert

Magnum photographer Harry Gruyaert’s work has always been thrilling in the way it articulates a particular way of seeing. He has

The Thrill of a Quiet Evening – Review of “Voice of the Eyes: Creative Minds in Landscape Photography”, curated by René Algesheimer

I often wish I could talk to photographers. I have the good fortune to interview a great many of them,

An Archaeology of the Present – Review of “Personal History” by Sarah Malakoff

Let me begin with a thought experiment. I sometimes ask my students, my first-year college students, to pretend they are

Size Matters – Review of “Storytelling” by David Yarrow

I will admit my first impression of David Yarrow’s new book, Storytelling, was not a good one. This book is

When Experience Leads to Insight – Review of “Street” by Phil Penman

It takes a bit of magic to transform a photo book into a classic. This bit of magic has little

Leading Lines – Review of “Edge” by David Ricci

Ok, now I’m confused. I have learned, according to a quick Google search, a person who studies or practices geometry

The Allure of What We Hoped – Review of “100 Movies: A survey of American drive-in theatres / 1976” by Herman van den Boom

Think, for a moment, about the location of a shared experience for our imagination and desire. It could be a

Starlight, Starbright – Review of “Star Struck” by Ave Pildas

One of the particular, and sometimes peculiar, powers of a photobook is its ability to call up the past with

Light to the Archives – Review of “The Unseen Saul Leiter” by Margit Erb and Michael Parillo

One of the benefits of being a prolific photographer is that there is a lot to choose from when putting

The Once and Future Now – Review of “Olmsted Trees” by Stanley Greenberg

It is relatively commonplace for a collection of photographs to have an historical intent.  We are accustomed to looking at