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FOOD FOR THOUGHT: “AI and the Happiness of Photography”, by Sean Patrick Hill

By now, photographers worldwide are versed in the arguments for and against using artificial intelligence, AI, in terms of image

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: “Meaning in Photography”, by Sean Patrick Hill

About three years after my father died of cancer, I took his camera down from the closet, the Pentax K1000

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: “Passages: Photo Montages by Jeffery Becton”, by Chris Crosman

The late, beloved American painter, Andrew Wyeth (1917 – 2006), once mused about his most famous work, Christina’s World (1948,

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: “One Shot – Start to Finish”, by W. Scott Olsen

Every image has a history. It begins as an idea, either a long-preconceived aesthetic statement, or the rush of serendipity and

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: “The Wonders of Stereoscopy and the ‘2000 Miles Project'”, by Tom Warland

“Your right eye will always see a slightly different version of the truth to your left eye” Dr. BRIAN MAY

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: “Aliens in the Living Room”, by Steve Berry

Hi I’m Steve aka RobotWig, I’m a creative photographer with a keen interest in Pop Culture. Photography hasn’t always been

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: “Immediate Feedback”, by Cody Schultz

In the fall of 2021, my love for large format photography began to wane. After just over two years of

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: “Old School New”, by W. Scott Olsen

The discovery was a surprise. I was rummaging around the detritus in the bottom of an old camera bag, various

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: A Child’s View: The Art of Discovery, by Gina Williams

My granddaughter, barefoot, leggings pulled up to her knees, walks along the river beach. An osprey flies overhead with something

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Cocoons and COVID, by E.E. McCollum

Almost ten years ago, I began making a series of images using a nylon body stocking to encase nude models.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: 365 Project, by Alon Goldsmith

From January 1st to December 31st of 2021, I immersed myself in a 365 project. The goal was simple. Make

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: A Case for Abstraction in Representational Photography – by Frank Styburski

If you think you know what you are looking at, you are probably mistaken. We have no idea how many