“Fear” by Martina Dimunova

The idea behind this moody portrait is to express a relationship. We can be very close to someone and still

“Redwing Blackbirds” by Alun Wyld

This artwork, as I have presented it, depicts a serene natural, local landscape, richly textured, matching organic beauty with abstract

Fragments toward Whole – Review of “Look at the U.S.A.” by Peter van Agtmael

Here is a simple truth. We want to put things together. We see a bit of something over here, another

THE ANALOG REVOLUTION: Hybrid Photography (Part I) – A somewhat technical excursion into the digital side of my analog photography, by Stephen Smith

While taking a long road trip through France and Spain in our Toyota Auris recently, I got to thinking about

FRAMES Photography Podcast with Charles Traub

In today’s episode, W. Scott Olsen talks to Charles Traub, an American photographer and educator, known for his ironic real world

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: “Perfect Patagonia”, by Ruth Grindrod

In April 2024, I was exceptionally privileged to be able to visit the Torres del Paine National Park in Chile.

Two Senses – Review of “It Could Have Been A Beautiful” by Edouard Elias

Given the fact that photography is a visual medium, it is perhaps surprising that more innovation has not been imagined

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: “My Father’s Camera”, by Sean Patrick Hill

In December of 2023, I boxed my father’s camera – a Pentax K1000, its manufacture dated, I believe, to about

I Portray My Emotions and Feelings – Conversation with Rala Choi

FRAMES will be presenting photographs by Korean artist Rala Choi at the upcoming edition of the Photo Basel photography fair.

FRAMES Photography Podcast with Jeremiah Gilbert

In today’s episode, W. Scott Olsen talks to Jeremiah Gilbert, an award-winning photographer and travel writer from Southern California. You can

“Tulip in Repose” by Phil Reeds

I enjoy working with tulips, be they from the garden or bought from a shop, and let them die as

“The Journey of a Lifetime: How Persistence Shaped My Photography Career”, by John Ferguson

As a professional photographer for over thirty years, I assert that persistence is one of the keys to anyone’s success,

“Simplicity and Practice in the Photo Printing Process”, by Attila Szántó

Watching Mark Seagal’s FRAMES Photography Circle presentation on the process of photo printing was a delightfully intricate and comprehensive experience,

“DesyClaire: Portrait with Yellow Rain Coat” by JC Cancedda

In a world where fast fashion and instant gratification reign supreme, meeting DesyClaire was like a breath of fresh air.

Food, Fuel and Story – Review of “Thank You Please Come Again: How Gas Stations Feed and Fuel the American South” by Kate Medley

Let me say this clearly and at the beginning. I love this book. I am no Southerner. Although my family