“Both Living and Permanent” by Jamie Marcellus

I primarily work in portraiture, often self portraits because the model is always available, always ready. I prefer using less

“Saxman, French Quarter, New Orleans” by Joseph Crachiola

I was photographing in Jackson Square in the French Quarter of New Orleans on a foggy morning when I encountered

Leading Lines – Review of “Edge” by David Ricci

Ok, now I’m confused. I have learned, according to a quick Google search, a person who studies or practices geometry

THE ANALOG REVOLUTION: “Post-Apocalyptic Dystopia”, by Stephen Smith

Like being in a post-apocalyptic film. That’s what being an analog photographer sometimes feels like. Just Will Smith, Samantha and

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: “One Shot – Start to Finish”, by W. Scott Olsen

Every image has a history. It begins as an idea, either a long-preconceived aesthetic statement, or the rush of serendipity and

FRAMES Photography Podcast with Kate Zari Roberts

On today’s episode of the FRAMES Photography Podcast, W. Scott Olsen is talking to Kate Zari Roberts, award winning artist

The Allure of What We Hoped – Review of “100 Movies: A survey of American drive-in theatres / 1976” by Herman van den Boom

Think, for a moment, about the location of a shared experience for our imagination and desire. It could be a

“Corporal Mick Shave, Australian Army, Vietnam War Veteran” by Jack McLain

Mick grew up in the UK as an orphan and immigrated to Australia at 17, joining the Army almost immediately.

FRAMES Photography Podcast with Rob Hammer

On today’s episode of the FRAMES Photography Podcast, W. Scott Olsen is talking to Rob Hammer – an advertising/documentary photographer

Starlight, Starbright – Review of “Star Struck” by Ave Pildas

One of the particular, and sometimes peculiar, powers of a photobook is its ability to call up the past with

FRAMES Digital Companion – February 2023

We have just released the newest edition of FRAMES Digital Companion and those of you subscribed to FRAMES Magazine can

LOOK CLOSER: “Tom McGahan – In Essex” by Rob Wilson

I grew up as part of a stereotype. That stereotype relates to the English county of my birth – Essex.

FRAMES Photography Podcast with Michael Morris

On today’s episode of the FRAMES Photography Podcast, W. Scott Olsen is talking to Michael Morris – fine art, nude

“Portrait #1” by Thierry Girard

I worked in southern India in 2010 and 2011, and particularly in the city of Pondicherry which is a former

THE FEMALE GAZE: “Jari Poulin: Pushing at the Boundaries”, by Diana Nicholette Jeon

Jari Poulin is an artist and printmaker using photography as the main expression of her practice. She lives in Ithaca,

“Feet” by Ann Prochilo

Feet is part of This Is Water, a series exploring self-awareness and its nemeses: blind certitude and unconsciousness. I started