Category: Photo Stories

“The Poetry of the Simple Things” by Bernard Moncet

In these old residences aged by time, we often pass through there without seeing anything. However, light, colors or graphics

“Bardstown Road Reflections” by Frank Styburski

This image is from my library. I took it a few years ago in Louisville, Kentucky. Louisville is a lovely

“Here Comes the Sun” by Cynthia Gladis

Long walks on the beach in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina have always been a source of joy for me.

“Making History with History: Attending Shane Balkowitsch’s ‘No Vaccine for Death Project'” by W. Scott Olsen

FRAMES member Shane Balkowitsch may have made photographic history. More than 100 collaborators came together Saturday in Bismarck, North Dakota,

“Unititled” by Carl Hensel

With the change in the world, I had to reinvent myself. The bodybuilding industry being heavily impacted, meant that my

“What do you see?” by Colleen Parker

The final day of a recent photography workshop was spent at the Gold King Mine Ghost Town outside Jerome, Arizona.

“Kauai. Angry Storm Black Rock Beach” by Ron Schwager

As a working commercial photographer I am accustomed to “making” an image… usually in the studio. When my wife and

“Kitchen Corner Portrait No 5.” by Karen O’Hara

This image is one in a series of portraits all taken in the corner of my kitchen with the patio

“Sandy, 1977” by Frank Siteman

I can still remember, some 40 plus years later, the heat and the ardor of the summer of 1977. It

“Rooflines” by Steven Millman

Like with the majority of my images, I picked an area to visit and explore it with my camera. This

“Sadness” by Ra Tinoko

This image was unplanned. A few years ago I started working on a very personal series called Every Body has

“Eucalyptus Forest in Clearing Mist, Near Cessnock, Australia” by Geoff Woods

I left home early one morning, an hour before sunrise to photograph a place called Paxton Swamp. On arrival there

“The Harbour Wall” by Tom Ryan

On a damp and cold Wednesday evening I led a group of photographers from Perth on a photo walk around

“Pardon Me” by Mukti Echwantono

This photo tells about the break up of a couple who did not have time to say goodbye for some

“Viewing the New Crater at Geldingadalir Eruption” by Einar Pall Svavarsson

When a new crater opened at Geldingadalir valley at Reykjanes Peninsula on April 19th, people flocked to the location. It