FRAMES Magazine – Volume 2

We have just published the second edition of FRAMES Magazine and it is now on its way to our subscribers.

In Volume 2 of FRAMES Steve McCurry is sharing selected images from his newest book called In Search of Elsewhere. We have also printed some carefully selected images of one of the most interesting street photographers of our times, Japanese Tatsuo Suzuki.

Another features include: wonderful and highly respected flower series by Rita Long; the When Time Stands Still series by American photographer Nydia Blas, whose works explore the identity of young black women and girls; a series by Peruvian-born UK photographer Ian Howorth; and some stunning conceptual work by Roger Guetta who calls himself an interpretographer.

In the second edition of FRAMES you will also find two conversations: with one of the most respected landscape artists from the FRAMES community, Robert Clark, and with book publisher, writer, and photographer Nicholas Callaway where he talks to W. Scott Olsen about his newest project, The Sistine Chapel.

You can join FRAMES here.

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