FRAMES Photography Podcast with Björn Nilsson

On today’s episode of the FRAMES Photography Podcast W. Scott Olsen is talking to Björn Nilsson, photographer from Stockholm, Sweden.

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“7 years ago I started to again with photography again after an abscence for about 15 years. I did everything from the ground up, read everything from the start. Learnt everything from the start again. Tried every genre again, street, documentary, fashion, nudes, portraits…learnt to read the light again, different techniques et cetera. I wanted to find who I was as a photographer and I found my voice again after years of searching.

I am trying to find an emotion in a story more than the story itself.

For example in the series and book “Gubbängen” it is about how the people relate to a specific place, in this case a small suburb. In the series and book “Kollektivet” I explore the community among railroad workers and their conditions.

Photography is so diverse, and many people make beautiful pictures, and they are often wonderful, but I aim to try and tell a story, sometimes through a body of work, sometimes with just one image.

I try not to be to obvious what my intentions are, I always want the viewer to make up her/his own mind, but there is always something I am trying to convey.” – Björn Nilsson.

© Björn Nilsson
© Björn Nilsson
© Björn Nilsson
© Björn Nilsson
© Björn Nilsson




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