FRAMES Photography Podcast with Christina Force

On today’s episode, W. Scott Olsen talks to Christina Force, founder and chairperson of CA+ Asia and of the NZ Agents and Producers Association, a speaker, former columnist for The Photographers Mail, and judge of many photographic competitions.

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British-born Christina Force pioneered the introduction of New Zealand’s talented photographers to the world. As founder of the photo agency The Collective Force and production company OPTNZ, she secured countless large-scale global photographic assignments, in particular from Southeast Asia. After 17 years at the helm, she sold both companies and moved on to her next goal – to help photographers rediscover their passion and promote work they love shooting to dream clients.

Based in New Zealand, Christina works with photographers and agents worldwide through folio and website editing, workshops, and her unique online mentoring programs. She is also co-founder of Creative Asia Plus, the first portfolio review event in Asia promoting connections between photographers from around the world and ad agency creatives in the region.

Christina is the founder and chairperson of the NZ Agents and Producers Association, an AIPA member and speaker, and a guest speaker at numerous photography events and institutions, including Palm Springs Photo Fest, ASMP (USA), Image Nation (NZ), New York Photo Plus, CATC Design School (Australia), Vivid (Australia), The New York Academy of Film (USA), and CA+ (Hong Kong and Singapore).

She has also been a juror for IPA Lucie Foundation, Art Directors Club, Pink Lady Food Photography, Sienna, and was a curator for the Women’s Work exhibition in Auckland in 2020.

Christina’s mission is to help commercial photographers get paid to shoot what they love, and she specializes in sharing her 30 years of experience working with ad industry creatives around the globe and ultimately unleashing magic and confidence.

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