FRAMES Photography Podcast with Drake White

On today’s episode, W. Scott Olsen talks to Drake White, a portrait photographer and gallerist from Georgia, US.

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Trained by the U.S. Navy as a photojournalist, Drake White went on to work in newspapers and transitioned to corporate / advertising work after learning that he was not going to save the world with his camera. This led to a 20-year career as a creative director/consultant to Fortune 100 companies; in 2018, White returned to his first passion, where his aim is to tell contemplative stories through rhythm, light, and color, forming narratives that may not be fully grasped at first glance but resonate with him personally.

In the realm of portraiture, White values interaction and strives for collaboration with his subjects. He believes, as Avedon said that a good portrait is given, not taken. Thus, it is critical that both the subject and photographer feel comfortable and confident in the work. White often asks for second or even third sessions to deepen the relationship with his subject, allowing for the emergence of significant moments and further refinement in post-production.

Devin Lovett / © Drake White, 2022
Elizabeth Moretz Britt / © Drake White, 2021
Harrison Ray / © Drake White, 2024
Martha Arrington / © Drake White, 2022



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