FRAMES Photography Podcast with Kimberly Schneider

In today’s episode, W. Scott Olsen talks to Kimberly Schneider, an award-winning visual artist, educator, and silver gelatin master printer specializing in true infrared film, experimental photograms, and spiritual landscapes.

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Kimberly Schneider not only prints all of her own work by hand and teaches (publicly) but also takes on private students and prints for other film-based artists and enthusiasts. 

Specializing in true infrared film, spiritual landscapes, and experimental photograms, she holds a BFA in photography (and a minor in philosophy) from Colorado State University. While both are deeply intertwined, she identifies as a Printer more than anything else.

Her silver gelatin prints have been exhibited (domestically) at Scott Nichols Gallery, Photo Forward Los Angeles, The Camera Obscura Gallery, San Diego Art Institute, Lightbox Photographic Gallery, Stonehenge Gallery, Art Intersection, ZIA Gallery, Photo Méthode Gallery, among other art galleries; Kimberly has also shown in Barcelona, Ireland, as well as virtually at The Louvre.

Schneider’s photograms recently placed Honorable Mention via LA Photo Curator’s Surrealism competition, as well as Honorable Mention in the 18th Julia Margaret Cameron Awards, Runner Up (to the Series Winner) in the 17th Julia Margaret Cameron Awards, 3rd Place in the 16th Julia Margaret Cameron Awards, Honorable Mention via the (16th) Pollux Awards, and Honorary Spider Fellow (Nominee) via the Black and White Spider Awards. 

Multiple Fractures
Unique silver gelatin print (mixed process ice-rubbing program) made with ice, sand, flowers, and glitter (multiple exposures via dripping candle). Printed July 2022 (just prior to starting my AIR). The Many Rings of Saturn” series, 11×14 (Currently available and framed).
[Fun fact: this print also originated as a demo print for a Zoom photograms student.]

 Rising From the Ashes
Unique silver gelatin print (mixed process photogram) made with snow, flowers, sand, glitter, and more (multiple exposure via firework LED). Printed February 2022, “Metamorphosis” series, 11×14 (sold).

San Diego #2 (aka Low Tide), Windansea Beach, CA
Unique silver gelatin print (photogram/chemigram) – made with materials collected at Windansea Beach and elsewhere in San Diego (palm leaves, beach sand, and a little bit of the Pacific Ocean), as well as cbd foot rub for the chemigram part. Printed November 2023, “Winds of Change” series, 11×14 (available by pre-order, currently out of my possession.)

Undercurrent, Point Lobos, CA
Limited edition silver gelatin print. Shot on true infrared film in 2012, first printing in 2013.
“Awakenings: Point Lobos & Beyond” series, 11×11 on 16×20 paper. (currently available)

Winds of Change
Unique silver gelatin print (mixed process photogram) made with ice/ice concoctions, flowers, spinach, sand, and glitter (triple exposure with dripping candle). Printed November 2022, Title image of “Winds of Change” series, which commenced in January 2023 (11×14). (Currently available)



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