FRAMES Photography Podcast with Michael Morris

On today’s episode of the FRAMES Photography Podcast, W. Scott Olsen is talking to Michael Morris – fine art, nude and landscape photographer based in Luxembourg.

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Michael Morris began photographing in 1984, visualising his sense of connection and had an immediate interest in flowers and nature.

Since 2020, he has been using the Phase One XF IQ4 (150mp), a specially made Zone Plate with the Phase One IQ3 100mp digital back, Leica M10-Monochrom and Leica M11, along with the Linhof Technika, and Mamiya C330 analog cameras.

He has exhibited in Amsterdam, at the Berlin Photo Week, and at the Milan Design Week since his wife’s death from breast cancer in 2019.

He describes himself as nature-orientated, living in a house built in 1766 surrounded by flowers, fruit bushes, and trees planted together with the women he photographs.

Michael’s photography became a therapy after his wife’s death from a breast cancer in 2019. Creating these images is essential for his healing and he feels grateful to the women and men involved for their help and creativity.

With his images, he wants to celebrate our Earth, Emotion, Women, and most importantly honour his beloved wife.

© Michael Morris
© Michael Morris
© Michael Morris
© Michael Morris



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