FRAMES Photography Podcast with Rob Wilson

In today’s episode, W. Scott Olsen talks to Rob Wilson, a British photographer whose work mainly consists of personal documentary projects and private commercial work.

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Born in the UK but now based in Ottawa, Canada, Rob Wilson has been a photographer for almost twenty years. His work has mostly consisted of personal documentary projects along with private commercial work. 

Along with photography, he is also an educator and has worked in higher and tertiary education for most of the last 18 years. He has lived in multiple countries, including South Korea and the UAE, and has traveled to over 50. 

Many photographers inspire him, including Raghubir Singh, Sebastiao Salgado, Steve McCurry, Alec Soth, Don McCullin, Andreas Gursky, Thomas Struth, Joel Meyerowitz, and Harry Gruyaert.

He uses Sony equipment for most of his work. 

Rob Wilson also used to write for FRAMES, including the popular Look Closer column.

Rob Wilson – Dick Winters
Rob Wilson – May 4
Rob Wilson – Tiffin Brothers
Rob Wilson – Walk 6 C
Rob Wilson – Walk 13 D
Rob Wilson – Winter Simplicity



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