FRAMES Podcast with Brigitte Kuckenberg-Wagner

On today’s episode of the FRAMES Photography Podcast W. Scott Olsen is talking to Brigitte Kuckenberg-Wagner, master of photo manipulation, matte painting and digital art from Germany. Her work was featured in the 4th edition of FRAMES Magazine.

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Brigitte Kuckenberg-Wagner lives in Solingen, Germany. Originally, she studied free painting and graphic. About 10 years ago she started working with digiart because the technical possibilities fascinated her. She mainly uses Photoshop, sometimes in combination with Blender, to create parts she can’t photograph. She taught herself both of these packages.

In her work, she tries to realize thoughts and dreams, to create new worlds with fragments of reality. She likes to tell little stories. She gets her inspiration from many things – from everyday life, books, news – sometimes only one word is enough to create a picture in her mind.

For her work, Brigitte only uses her own photos, no stock images from the internet. That sometimes makes implementation difficult, but it is important for her. She has successfully participated in several national and international competitions.

Book Tavern / © Brigitte Kuckenberg-Wagner
Forest Walk / © Brigitte Kuckenberg-Wagner
Just in case / © Brigitte Kuckenberg-Wagner
Renature / © Brigitte Kuckenberg-Wagner

Brigitte Kuckenberg-Wagner


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