FRAMES Podcast with Frank Styburski

On today’s episode of the FRAMES Photography Podcast W. Scott Olsen is talking to Frank Styburski, photographer from Chicago who is constantly looking for shapes, lines, patterns and reflections surrounding us in our everyday lives.

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Frank Styburski is a photographer whose pictures consider shapes, lines colors and patterns that occupy space, and less about the functional identity of objects that inhabit his images. Among the elements that he presents are aspects of abstraction, combined with the documentary context that has been a prevailing emphasis in photography since it emerged as a technical achievement nearly 200 years ago. The result is a style that tests the expectations of the way we look at photographs, and requires a less literal reading in favor of one that is more receptive to nuance.

He lives in Chicago, where he worked at commercial labs, and photo supply sources for forty years before assembling a fine art portfolio.

He is a past Board Member of Northwest Arts Connection, an advocacy group dedicated to presenting art with connections to the community, on Chicago’s northwest side.

He established the Shot of Art series of art exhibits at PERKOLATOR, in the Irving-Austin Business District of Chicago, and served as its original curator.

He shows his work in galleries and nontraditional exhibit spaces, where people gather to work, play, and do business. He has participated in numerous group and solo shows in collaboration with community groups, arts advocacy organizations and small businesses. His work has been on display at the Polish Museum of America, the Illinois State Museum in Lockport, and Harold Washington Library Center.  

© Frank Styburski
© Frank Styburski
© Frank Styburski
© Frank Styburski
© Frank Styburski



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