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On today’s episode of the FRAMES Photography Podcast W. Scott Olsen is talking to Mark Segal, Canadian photographer, author and educator, who has a long-standing attraction to good mural art and graffiti and has developed a speciality in mural art photography.

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Mark Segal has been making photographs since 1954 and started adopting a digital workflow in 1999 first with scanning film and inkjet printing, then going fully digital in 2004. He has worked with a considerable range of software, equipment and techniques over the years, accumulated substantial experience as an author, educator and communicator in several fields, was a frequent contributor to the Luminous-Landscape website where he has published 50 articles and now to PhotoPXL.com where he has published 15 articles.

Mark developed a particular interest in film scanning and in 2012 authored the highly regarded eBook “Scanning Workflows with SilverFast 8, SilverFast HDR, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop” available on the PhotoPXL website, directly or through Imaging91.com.

His work was featured in several Toronto gallery shows. A long-time collector of books on the visual arts, this year Mark established a publishing enterprise, whose Imprint is “Imaging91”. His first published print book is “Paint The City Black”, a limited edition available through his website. In his “other life”, Mark had a long career in public service both in Canada and internationally, is a retiree from the World Bank Group and until 2016 was a consultant in electric power development. Mark is now devoting full-time to his photographic and publication interests.

Artists: Jeor (upper); Danilo Deluxe (lower)
Challenge: perspective control, extremes of lighting, conveying the impact
Artists: Elicser, Spy1, Leyland Adams, Bern
Challenge: uneven lighting across the scene, sheen, large pano
Artist: Tensoe2
Challenge: distinguishing black on black, sheen, large pano
Artists: Elicser, Sight, Fathom
Challenge: Accurate black/gray tonal gradations, sheen, large pano
Artist: Javid Jah
Challenge: perspective, conveying impact, extremes of lighting
Artist: Nick Sweetman
Challenge: multi-photo vertical pano, fine low-key tonal and colour distinctions needed to show, the accuracy and “feel” of the eyes
A close-up of the previous image. Capture the essence in a composition of a component that works on its own as a photograph.

Mark Segal


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