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On today’s episode of the FRAMES Photography Podcast W. Scott Olsen is talking to Ray Harris, passionate photographer from Ballarat in Australia, one of the most regarded members of the FRAMES community.

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Ray Harris was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1955. He now lives in the regional city of Ballarat. His interest in photography was sparked by a series of fortunate events. His local high school was the first in the country to install a small TV studio and run a film and TV course, and his next door neighbour worked for the camera company, Minolta.

Although he initially studied to be a teacher, he returned to film and TV. He worked as a freelance videographer through the community TV organisation, Open Channel, where he worked with community organizations and the new art form of video art. In 1980 he was granted a place at the Australian Film and TV School, where he graduated with a Degree in Fine Arts – Cinematography. He specialized in Special Effects, reaching the level of Head of the Camera Department for the Network Film Corporation. A change in the tax rules governing film investment saw the collapse of the Australian film industry and the closure of the nascent special effects industry.

After a period of travel, living in an ashram, playing step-dad and writing a novel or two, he picked up a camera again on his retirement.

© Ray Harris
© Ray Harris
© Ray Harris
© Ray Harris

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