FRAMES Podcast with Tomasz Trzebiatowski, Editor of FRAMES Magazine

On today’s episode of the FRAMES Photography Podcast W. Scott Olsen is talking to Tomasz Trzebiatowski, founder and editor of FRAMES Magazine and avid photographer himself.

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Tomasz Trzebiatowski is a photographer and independent publisher. Aside from FRAMES, he is also the editor-in-chief of the FujiLove Magazine for users of the Fujifilm X and GFX camera systems. His photographic interests lie predominantly in fine art, music, and street photography. He is also a classical pianist.

FRAMES Magazine
From the “Venice Rediscovered” series / © Tomasz Trzebiatowski
New York, USA / © Tomasz Trzebiatowski
Lucerne, Switzerland / © Tomasz Trzebiatowski
Horw, Switzerland / © Tomasz Trzebiatowski
6th edition of FRAMES Magazine



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FRAMES Magazine
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Comments (4):

  1. Bob Weil

    March 17, 2022 at 16:40

    Excellent interview – very informative! It’s great to have such an advocate of the printed image, who has the energy, attention to detail and, perhaps most importantly, the ability to attract talent to make the Frames platform a reality. Congratulations – and looking forward to seeing the Frames empire expand still further!

  2. Terrance Wimmer

    March 31, 2022 at 06:57

    This was a great way to get to know you a little bit. Frames makes me feel like I am part of an international community of people that share the same goals and purpose in life. It has become a motivator for me and my photography… not just to keep shooting but to analyze my work a little deeper and with a bit more meaning. I thank you for that very much.


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