FRAMES Podcast with WanderBlack

On today’s episode of the FRAMES Photography Podcast W. Scott Olsen is talking to WanderBlack, portrait, stage and street photographer based in London, United Kingdom.

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WanderBlack uses photography to delve deep into a person’s psyche – their personal stories, demons, struggles and how they perceive the world. What makes them them?

Connection is vital; a mutual understanding enabling the sitter to open up their world.

A storyteller at heart, WanderBlack’s work is classic in its style with a contemporary twist. They’re often drawn towards their roots but also inspired by places like Havana, Beirut, Naples, Istanbul – a deep familiar connection formed not through living there but through their similarity to home, prompting memories of formative years spent in post-communism chaos.

Key influences also include a lifetime passion for all kinds of music and an interest in European cinema.

Among philosophers, sociologists, scientists, WanderBlack also works closely with artist and celebrity PR, having worked with names like Radiohead, Lee Scratch Perry, Röyksopp, Gotan Project, John Malkovich and others.

WanderBlack has also been published in national and international press, including Newsweek, Forbes, El País, LeMonde, BBC, and more.

Cafe Kino, Berlin© WanderBlack
Lee Scratch Perry © WanderBlack
Ballet Dancer, London © WanderBlack
Krzysztof Penderecki at Canterbury Cathedral © WanderBlack
La Pegatina, London © WanderBlack



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