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LOOK CLOSER: Frank Gunn and Sport in Motion – by Rob Wilson

Frank Gunn admits that he does not have any of his own pictures on his wall. He prefers to display

LOOK CLOSER: Do we need a photographic code of ethics? – by Rob Wilson

There is a photograph that I took some years ago that troubles me. I am not sure if it is

LOOK CLOSER: Richard Harrington: True North – by Rob Wilson

When I first immigrated to Canada in early 2019, I decided to halt my career in education and, with the

LOOK CLOSER: Nick Brandt, Speaking for the Planet – by Rob Wilson

What should one do to create a satisfying and fulfilling career for oneself? Directing a list of world-famous music videos

LOOK CLOSER: Is Originality Dead? – by Rob Wilson

A few years ago, my wife and I were living in Abu Dhabi. We were incredibly fortunate in that we

LOOK CLOSER: Ode to the Photobook – by Rob Wilson

May, my wife, has this look she gives me that says, “Are you really going to do that?” We have

LOOK CLOSER: Through Photography, a Voice – by Rob Wilson

Two things happened recently that have made me consider the position of the human subject and representation in photography. First,

LOOK CLOSER: The Joy of the Street, by Rob Wilson

I am at a busy corner that makes a sharp right turn in Jodhpur, India. Jodhpur is known as the

LOOK CLOSER: What Makes a Photograph Special, by Rob Wilson

If anyone starts to worry about this being another boring article identical to the multitude of others that you have

LOOK CLOSER: The Beautiful Life of Birds, by Rob Wilson

I must make a confession. I am known among many of my photography friends for not liking bird photography. In

LOOK CLOSER: Between Immensity and Eternity, by Rob Wilson

Let us play a quick word association game. I will give you a word and I would like you to

LOOK CLOSER: The Surprise in the Attic, by Rob Wilson

Bernard Moncet’s family knew that there was a stack of old glass plate negatives in the attic of his wife’s

LOOK CLOSER: Defenders of the Faith, by Rob Wilson

When you hear the term “Defender of the Faith” you may at first think of one of the formal titles

LOOK CLOSER: For the Love of Saul Leiter, by Rob Wilson

In the UK from the 90s to the mid-2000s, there was a somewhat lowbrow ‘talent’ show called Stars in Their

LOOK CLOSER: Ragnar Axelsson and the Human Face of Climate Change

Rob Wilson examines the work of Ragnar Axelsson, the Icelandic photographer who documents the Arctic’s threatened cultures. I still remember