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LOOK CLOSER: The Surprise in the Attic, by Rob Wilson

Bernard Moncet’s family knew that there was a stack of old glass plate negatives in the attic of his wife’s

LOOK CLOSER: Defenders of the Faith, by Rob Wilson

When you hear the term “Defender of the Faith” you may at first think of one of the formal titles

LOOK CLOSER: For the Love of Saul Leiter, by Rob Wilson

In the UK from the 90s to the mid-2000s, there was a somewhat lowbrow ‘talent’ show called Stars in Their

LOOK CLOSER: Ragnar Axelsson and the Human Face of Climate Change

Rob Wilson examines the work of Ragnar Axelsson, the Icelandic photographer who documents the Arctic’s threatened cultures. I still remember

LOOK CLOSER: Is There Still Truth in Landscape?

Rob Wilson makes a case for the importance of traditional values in landscape photography. In recent years, I have despaired

LOOK CLOSER: Richard I’Anson – Bringing the World a Little Closer

Rob Wilson examines the work of Richard I’Anson and how his images create connections with the world around us. The

LOOK CLOSER: Beno Saradzic and the Imagining of Place

Rob Wilson examines the work of contemporary photographer and visual artist Beno Saradzic. In the previous two columns, I discussed

LOOK CLOSER: Julia Margaret Cameron, Charles Darwin, and the Image that Endures

Rob Wilson examines the work and legacy of Julia Margaret Cameron. If you close your eyes and try to imagine

LOOK CLOSER: Raghubir Singh and the Image of India

Rob Wilson examines the work and legacy of Raghubir Singh. When one thinks of colour images of India, I imagine